Play Darts Online at Mansion Casino UK

If you like to play online casino games but you’re looking for a change from your usual casino floor offerings, how about trying our online Darts arcade game? A fast and exciting Mansion Casino UK game, Darts offers lots of retro thrills and ways to win, with simple rules and plenty of betting options – so you’ll be at the heart of the action in no time at all. Suitable for all kinds of bankroll, and available to play for free and for real money, this exciting game is on offer around the clock. This classic online arcade game uses a virtual dartboard based on a standard board, and your aim is to bet where three randomly thrown darts will land – with multiple bets and multiple wins possible in every round. Simple but fun, you can also claim a premium internet casino Welcome Bonus of up to $/£/€5,000 if you choose to play our games for real money, to win actual cash payouts.

Play Darts Arcade Online

How to Play Online Darts

The online Darts virtual dartboard has a single ring, a double ring, a treble ring, an outer bull and a Bullseye. Each section also contains a number, and this is displayed on the outer edge. Your wagers predict the outcome of a three-dart throw, and the bet menu is clearly displayed in the upper right corner of your screen. This also shows the payouts that each bet is worth to help you weigh up your options, and all payouts are in the form of multipliers. If you hover your cursor over each bet option, you can also view your odds of winning. To get started at Darts online – first decide whether you want to play this game for free or for real money, then set your bet amount by clicking on the chips, and make your bet or bets. You can place up to five bets in any online Darts game, and you can see how much you have wagered in total in the Total Bet box. Then just hit Throw when you’re ready to play!

Online Darts Bets

There are many different bets you can place, but here is a selection to help you get started. ‘Sections’ is a bet that the three darts thrown will hit a certain section of the dartboard – you can opt for single, double or treble rings, along with the Inner Bull or Outer Bull. A ‘combination’ bet is a wager that the darts will hit a particular combination, a certain number of times. There are various combinations you can choose from, such as colours, dartboard sections or dartboard rings. When you bet on ‘Mid’, ‘Lo’ or ‘Hi’, you are betting on the darts landing within the specified range. You can combine your bets to widen your spread and increase your chances of winning, but make sure you keep your eye on the Total Bet box and stay within your online casino bankroll.