Play Around The World Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Who’s ready to travel the globe in a thrilling chase for the vacation of your dreams? Join in when we play Around the World, and you’ll be able to take in all the sights you could possibly want without ever spending a thing on airfare, hotel accommodations or travel expenses! Seems to good to be true? Then you better load up this entertaining edition of gambling fun onto our server right now because this is one of the fast paced arcade games online that we are dishing out today!

Play Around The World Arcade Online

The concept behind Around the World is fairly simple, but the way that it is delivered makes all of the difference. The basis of the game is to accurately predict whether the next number spun will be higher or lower than the previous one. Your goal is to move across the board without striking out. Now that you have the initial idea down, let’s take a closer look at this creative spin on a standard roulette wheel.

How to Play Around The World

When the round begins, you will be asked to input a wager amount. Since the betting begins at a mere pittance, you can play so many of these rounds without ever feeling it in your pocket at all. Now that you’ve made a bet, you can start the real fun. Click start to set the wheel in motion. When it comes to a stop, the glass will magnify a number. As we said, your job is to guess whether the next number is going to be higher or lower than the current digit. If you guess correctly, then the number will be placed up on the scoreboard, and you will get to spin the wheel again. Each correct guess will come with another spin. A nice perk about this version that you won’t see in most other casino games is that you are entitled to guess incorrectly twice. You are given a grace period, as it were, and each time you hit a marker, your counter is reset.

A Second Chance At Around The World

About those counters. Notice how the board has several monumental sights that tourists commonly frequent. Each one of these sights is a place marker. When you reach any one of them, two things will happen. The first thing will be fairly obvious, you’ll be asked if you want to cash out or continue playing. Naturally, the punter inside will want to keep going, and that’s just fine! The other thing that happens when you reach a destination hot spot is that your strike counter will be set back to zero. That means you have another chance to guess wrong before the game ends. You’ll move around the board in a clockwise fashion from the exciting modes of transportation to the Eifel Tower to the Statue of Liberty to the Great Wall of China and finally to Big Ben. Notice that this last location has a large safe with an ocean of gold coins spilling out. That’s no accident; it’s there to indicate that if you made it this far, you are looking at some major cash prizes! Come play Around the World at our online casino now!