Play Bowling Bonus Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

If the idea of funny, pointed shoes, sleek, polished wood lanes, and loud music accompanying a crowd of people is your way to have a good time, then you are simply going to go bonkers for our Bonus Bowling. It’s a fabulous new addition to our arcade games selection, and it has your name written all over it. Whether it’s a weekend club you are looking for or just the occasional game to blow off some steam, we are always ready and waiting for you to join!

Play Bowling Bonus Arcade Games Online

How to Play Bowling Bonus

If you have ever bowled before, then you will have no trouble with this concept whatsoever. Not to worry if you’ve never lifted a ball before, though, because we’ve explained the process in depth below. The way to play our exciting Bonus Bowling is like this: Place a wager on the outcome of the throw (see the chart below if you are unsure of what this means), and then click throw. The computer will automatically throw the first ball, and, depending on the results of that throw, continue on to toss a second ball across the lane. When the pins have settled, the system will calculate your score and pay out according to the chart if you have winnings coming to you. To play another round at our online casino Australia, simply click on the Throw button, and a new round will commence. Alternatively, you can change your wager before having another go. Click the Clear Bets button to start the wager process over.

Betting Options in Bowling Bonus

There are several bets that you can make, as is befitting a gambling sport! Below, find a list of the possible wagers that you can take out. They all have a fairly high return to player percentage (high 90’s in fact), so you have a pretty good chance of making back your money and even turning a profit it you play right.

  • Strike: For those of you who aren’t up on the bowling lingo, a strike is when you knock down all of the ten pins on your first shot. This is a difficult move to maneuver, but if you are a Bonus Bowling pro, you may as well go for the higher payouts.
  • Spare: A spare is the same idea, you’ll knock down all ten pins within a single round. The only difference between this and the strike is that a spare happens with two balls instead of one.
  • Seven to Nine, Four to Six, Zero to Three: This indicates how many pins you think will be knocked down during the round.

Now if you aren’t one for making choices, that’s also ok. You can bet on more than one option during these fun-filled casino games. If, for example, you aren’t sure if the pins will be knocked down with the first ball or the second, bet on a spare and a strike, and that way you are totally covered for all eventualities. You can combine as many wagers as you want; just keep an eye on your bankroll to make sure you’ll still have enough to keep playing in the event of a loss. Ready to bowl? Then let’s go!