Play Cash Blox Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Does Cash Blox look familiar to you? If it does, that’s because it is fashioned after the classic Tetris challenge that you might have played as a child (or adult – there’s no shame in it!) No matter what age you enjoyed this forerunner of fun, you can definitely have a blast playing Cash Blox at Mansion Casino today! Let’s go!

Play Cash Blox Arcade Games Online

Cash Blox Highlights

Cash Blox has a very simple premise and several twists to keep things interesting. Like Tetris, you’ll see colourful blocks in a wide assortment of shapes from straight across to zigzags and more, dropping from the top of the screen down into the board, forming rows as they come in. Now here is where things get really exciting over at our fabulous Australian online casino.

How to Play Cash Blox

  • The board consists of two sections. The left one has the payment amounts according to the various win potentials for each round. The area on the right is the actual playing screen. This section will fill up with a variety of coloured blocks; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal and purple. There are also various settings such as increasing or decreasing your bet, and, of course, the Play button.
  • The Multi-coloured block is your magic card. If this block is used to complete a line, then you will gain access to ten bonus rounds. The bonus stage is played normally like the regular round, but this level doubles your wins each time you score, and it won’t decrease your bankroll at all.
  • Keep in mind that the higher you wager, the more you will be awarded when you win.
  • The bigger the win, the higher the payout. A single line, for example, will pay out a base amount, while a double, triple or quadruple line win will deliver a larger and larger pay out respectively.
  • Cash Blox has a Slow Mode as well. This is a particularly great feature for beginners or for gamblers who would prefer to just take things a little slower. Slow Mode makes the blocks fall down at a slower pace so you can keep an eye on things more easily than the regular, faster pace.
  • Another option we have is the Auto Play button. You can automate the number of rounds that you play in a row. This is for the gamblers who like a fast pace and don’t want to wait between rounds.

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