Play Derby Day Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Derby Day is a horse racing fan’s biggest delight! In addition to finding some beautiful images and amusing names along these tracks, you’ll also find a walloping betting challenge that is sure to rival even your finest horse racing skills. So strap into your saddle, and charge straight into these exciting arcade games now!

Play Derby Day Arcade Games Online

How to Play Derby Day

Meet a whole range of horses like Daily Dynamite, Bottle of Smoke, Easy Does It and Hazy Daisy on your first day at the tracks. During the race, you’ll be able to keep track of who is lagging behind and who is pulling ahead, who’s neck and neck and who is miles ahead of the game in two ways. You can watch the horses themselves bolt across the track. If you remember your horse’s colour, then this is an amusing option. Alternatively, there is an information box at the top right corner of the screen with all of the horses listed. As the race progresses, the names will fluctuate between the numbers on the list, indicating their current position. This is the easiest way to follow the action and to keep track of what’s going on and who’s winning it all.

Betting Options in Derby Day

Derby Day has a wide range of betting methods for you to make use of. Choose one of the ways every round or stick to one until you’ve got it down. You can combine and play around with your bets a lot, so have fun with these casino games.

  • Winner: This option allows you to place a bet on the horse that you think will come out on top for this race. You can vary the amount that you bet on a horse, and you can also bet on multiple horses. This is a good way to keep multiple bases covered on one round. Notice the payouts are different for the different horses, so keep this in mind when betting.
  • Exacta: This is fairly straightforward, you are betting on which horses will take the first and second places in this race.
  • Place & Show: The Place and Show wager are also like you are betting on which horse will come in at which place.
  • Pick IV-V: Finally, the last bet you can make is on the whole crew. You can decide which place each of the horses will land in for the first through fifth places (obviously, the sixth one comes in last.)

Derby Day - Down to the Last Detail

One of the things that our players love so much about the Derby Day is the attention to detail that the designers put in when creating it. For example, the names of the horses actually change depending on the day or race you are playing. Another thing you’ll notice is that there is a weather forecast at the top of the screen and how the track is looking today. Each of the horses and jockeys have a whole history along with stats and short bio as well. It’s just that added attention to detail that makes this version so much fun! Horse racing has never been easier, so hurry down to our online casino now, and get in on the action!