Play Dice Twister Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

If the only complaint you ever had about one of our casino games was that it didn’t have enough wager options, then we have a solution that is going to blow your mind. Dice Twister isn’t your ordinary gambling folly, you see, it’s a betting extravaganza like you have never seen before! Hold on to your hats, though, because this is a fast and furious adventure, and we make no promises about you coming back the same way you entered. Good luck!

Play Dice Twister Arcade Games Online

Dice Twister is played with three red dice, the kind you are used to seeing at a regular land based gambling club. What you will be extremely delighted by as soon as the screen loads is the overwhelmingly abundant amount of choices that you have for making wagers. Straight down the screen, from top to bottom, on the left and right sides of the screen, there are several options. In case that isn’t enough for your blood, there are also betting options at the base of the screen. Pretty much, anywhere the designers could fit in a gambling option, they did! So now, do you still feel stifled by the lack of choices you have to wager with? Didn’t think so.

Dice Twister Betting Options

Are you up to speed on these kinds of arcade games online? If all these numbers and squares have got your head spinning, relax. We can help you make some sense out of it all, so that you can go into your Dice Twister session a wiser gambler overall. Let’s start at the left, and we’ll make our way around the board in a clockwise manner. The blue squares to the left side of the screen are the Totals bet. This refers to the total sum of all of the dice rolled during a round. So, if, for example, you have rolled the three dice, and the outcome is a two, a three and a five, your total for that round would be ten. If you wagered on ten, then you will receive 7.75 times your wager as a winning payout. Nice! Next you have your high, middle and low wagers. These categories are explained on the board itself, but we’ll clarify it for you even further. The high field is anything between 13 to 18, the middle field is nine to 12 and the low field is three to eight. If you get a total of six, for example, and you bet on the low field, you win!

Even More Betting Options in Dice Twister

Still with us? Good, then let’s keep going. There are even’s and odd’s bets, staking that the total will be either all of one or a combination of the two. Finally, you’re looking at the one, two or three of a kind bets. These are fun and challenging, so if you have the stomach for it, put some money down on them. As if each of these gamblers weren’t enough to make you do handstands on its own, you can also combine wagers to make colossal betting strategies that will catapult you into the winners’ circle in no time flat! Get into the swing of things at our online casino Australia now!