Fortune Keno Arcade Game

Play Fortune Keno Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Fortune Keno is a fun twist on the popular game of Keno, which entails picking numbers from a board and then seeing if you win. This version has even so much more to it. It’s in the theme of a fortune teller and this intoxicating gypsy woman will work her magic on her crystal ball. The crystal ball sees all and it will tell you whether you will win or lose in each round.

Play Fortune Keno Arcade Games Online

How To Play Fortune Keno

Playing Fortune Keno is as simple as it always is with our arcade games online. All you need to do is set your bet by clicking on the plus or minus buttons at the bottom of your screen. Then you’ll pick your numbers by clicking on the numbers on the board that you want to choose. If you pick one and then decide you want to switch it, simply click on it again to deselect it.

You can choose from 2 to 10 numbers an there are 80 numbered squares on the board for you to choose from. Maybe you have some lucky numbers you like to play, or maybe you just prefer to choose random numbers? If you choose and then decide you want to switch them all, don’t worry about clicking on each number to deselect it. That’s too time-consuming and we wouldn’t ask you to waste any of your time. This is why there’s the Clear button. Click on this and all your numbers will automatically be deselected and you can start over.

Next you’ll decide whether to Play 1 or Play 5 consecutive rounds by pressing on the corresponding buttons. Whichever you ick will start the game! If you chose Play 5, the same numbers will be played for all 5 consecutive rounds.

What happens once you start playing is that the gypsy will start rubbing her magical crystal ball. The ball will start glowing with numbers moving around inside it. Then it will shoot sparks towards the laying board. Twenty numbers will be magically selected by the gypsy’s crystal ball. The ball will shoot out sparks and hit the numbers on the board. If a spark lands on one of your numbers the number will light up, or if it doesn’t the number will burn out.

Winning With Fortune Keno

If you won, a pop-up will appear showing how many of your numbers came up and how much money you want. The amount that you win depends on how much you bet. You can bet anything from $0.25 to $5, so obviously the more you bet the more you’ll win! The maximum prize will be if you get 10 of these numbers after having bet the maximum amount.

There is a paytable underneath the playing board and this shows the exact payouts depending on how many numbers are hit by the crystal’s sparks. It also shows how many hits you got per round.

When you play Fortune Keno at our Australian online casino games, you’ll be taken on a magical fortune-telling experience. Sign up to our online casino Australia for your welcome bonus and see what destiny has in store for you!