Play Genie Hi Lo Jackpot Arcade Game Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Pick a card, any card. That’s how the story starts, but it’s up to you to guess the outcome of that choice, and to create your own happy ending! That’s the idea behind this next fun-filled selection from our online arcade games online section. But that’s not all. Genie's Hi Lo Jackpot takes this basic card challenge and throws an additional slice of fun into the deck! Let’s jump into this fast-paced gambling challenge, and see what the cards hold for you.

Play Genie Hi Lo Jackpot Arcade Game Online

Winning the Genie Hi Lo Jackpot

The Genie's Hi Lo jackpot is a progressive pot that is tied to this entertaining sport. First let’s explain the basic rules, and then we can talk about the high stakes kitty. The screen opens up with an attractive woman holding out a fan of cards for you to choose from. After you place a bet, you’ll be asked to pick a card (no joke.) Once you have made your selection, the chosen card will appear on the screen and remain there until the end of the round. Now is the fun part. You get to decide if you think the next card you pick will be the same colour or a different colour as the first card you chose. You’ll also get to select whether the card value will be greater or less than the current up-facing card, hence the name.

Once you have made your decisions, you get to choose another card. As you can imagine, if you are correct, you win. If you guessed the right combination, you can either continue guessing for the next big payout, or you can cash in right then and there. At our brilliant Australian online casino, the choice is always yours. The Genie's Hi Lo jackpot is constantly being added to each time somebody plays a round. It doesn’t matter who is playing, so long as they are connected to our network, the kitty grows higher with each wager. Finally, one lucky player is going to hit that pot and walk away with the grand total, a whopping sum, and the whole thing starts over again!

Genie Hi Lo Jackpot & Other Great Gambles

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