Play Genie Hi Lo Progressive Arcade Game Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Have you played the Genie's Hi Lo – Progressive jackpot yet? If you haven’t, then you aren’t doing yourself any favour, buddy. From a beautiful mascot to gambling fun and even a tremendous jackpot to enjoy, it’s got everything you could ask for and more! As one of the most frequently played arcade games online that we host, Genie's Hi Lo – Progressive is the only natural choice for your next gambling session. So what are you waiting for? Rub the lamp, and release the powerful genie to grant you your deepest desires!

Play Genie Hi Lo Progressive Arcade Game Online

The Basics of Genie Hi Lo – Progressive

The Genie's Hi Lo – Progressive jackpot is a great choice for a few reasons. This option brings the beauty of simplicity together with the thrill of a high-stakes jackpot for one explosive combination! The actual game play is fairly simplistic. You are guessing from a deck of cards whether the next card drawn will be red or black. Then you also have to decide if you think the card will be higher or lower than the one you previously selected from the deck. In terms of casino games, it’s nothing to sweat over, but don’t think you are finished just yet.

Did you see the counter on the left side of the board? If you were wondering what that was all about, we’ll fill you in presently. If you have gotten both of the above criteria correct, then your card will be recorded on the counter, and another round will be played out. Each time you guess correctly, your card is put onto this scale on the side of the screen. When you reach that big red ball at the top of the scale, you win the major grand prize! And since this is a growing jackpot, that is one heap of a lot of money.

Genie Hi Lo – Progressive Jackpot Details

Speaking of the jackpot, let’s explain that part of the fun. As we mentioned, this version brings together a pretty simple playing practice with a mind-blowing twist that will keep you coming back again and again. Well, that twist is the jackpot. Instead of paying out a simple flat sum, you see, this version offers you a growing jackpot as your reward. So what makes this kitty so special? The fact that it is constantly being added to with every round that is played. Each time a member of the club plays this version, your kitty grows bigger. Eventually, one player will walk away with the grand prize, and then you’ll really see some wish granting!

Genie Hi Lo – Progressive or Free Mode

Take things at face value, and you won’t have any idea of what hit you when you play this riveting version at our online casino right now. Give it your best shot, and you might just get your three wishes! Not ready for the anticipation or the high stakes that come along with our Genie's Hi Lo – Progressive? That’s okay. You can have all the fun that is packed into this game without the strain on your purse when you opt for our free version. Give it a whirl, and remember, you can always come back to the real money mode when you are ready for the real action to start!