Play Hold’Em Showdown Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Who doesn’t love a good hand or two of Texas Hold’em? Well, now you can have the excitement and the anticipation of this classic poker style game along with the speed and fast pace of many of the other casino games that you love from our server. It’s all right here in our Hold'Em Showdown, and it’s ready for you to take it for a ride. So buckle up, and get yourself ready for a thrilling gambling challenge tonight!

Play Hold’Em Showdown Arcade Games Online

Hold’Em Showdown – Poker Basics

Newbies to the poker world will appreciate the breakdown we’ve given you below. For the rest of you pros, you can just skip down to the part where we explain what new and dynamite twist we have introduced with the Hold'Em Showdown. The way to play is just like the Texas style game. You are dealt two cards that are exclusively yours. Then the dealer puts down three cards into the middle of the table. After this a fourth and a fifth card are also dealt according to the house rules. Anyone playing can use these cards. The goal of you and your opponents (and the dealer for that matter) is to make a winning combination that is better than the rest of the players’ hands according to the poker table using your two cards and three of the community cards. The possible outcomes that you should be shooting for in these arcade games online include:

  • Pairs: You can get one or two pairs of the same or different valued cards (for example: one pair of two’s or a pair of two’s and a pair of three’s)
  • Three of a Kind: As you probably guessed it, you are getting three of the same valued cards ie three Jacks.
  • Straight: A straight is a set of cards that follow one right after another in value. This could be two, three, four, five, six or any other string of cards. If they are all within the same suit, it’s called a Straight Flush.
  • Flush: Alternatively, if you can get five of the same suit that aren’t in running order, you’ll be holding a flush. A royal flush is when all the royalty cards of the same suit come together.
  • Full House: Now we are starting to combine hand values. If you get a pair and a three of a kind, then you’ve got yourself a full house.
  • Four of a Kind: You get it.

Hold’Em Showdown – The Real Challenge

The most exciting part of all, has yet to come though. The actual Hold'Em Showdown is about to occur. If you aren’t a poker player, then you won’t know it, but this is when two or more of the players put down all of their chips before the community cards are even dealt. Now this can be done for one of two reasons; either the player is so sure of his hand that he can’t lose, so he is willing to bet it all on the fly, or he is just stark raving mad. Either way, it makes for an entertaining round to watch! Some come down to our casino online, and try your hand at a classic gambling challenge with an innovative twist.