Keno Xperiment Arcade Game

Play Keno Xperiment Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Keno Xperiment is an entertaining, Bingo-like option from our online casino that will have you waiting in excitement for those golden numbers to light up the screen. If you like taking your chances and betting your numbers, then this is the gambling challenge for you! Take a look.

Play Keno Xperiment Arcade Games Online

How to Play Keno Xperiment

Keno Xperiment is a fun novelty that you can play at our Australian online casino today. If you’ve never played the original, then you will appreciate these easy instructions to help you learn the ropes fast.

  • Keno Xperiment is set up just like a research lab. There is a glass tube with some strange contraption inside and liquid bubbling up inside. There is also an electric current running through the title that crowns the screen.
  • The playing card is an 8-10 grid, so there are 80 squares available to you. You do not have to play with the entire card, but your chances of winning will be better the more numbers you have on board. You have to play at least two numbers, but you can choose up to ten for any single round.
  • You have to decide how much you want to wager on each round and how many rounds you want to play. If you want to play it safe, if you prefer to change things up each round or if you are new to the sport, then play one round at a time. On the other hand, if you like to speed things p and keep things going constantly, then you can play five rounds at one shot. In this case, the numbers you select at the beginning will be played for all five rounds.
  • Click on a number on the grid to select that number for your round(s). Click on it again if you want to change your selection. You can also have the computer generate picks for you by clicking on the Random Pick button. Finally, you can have the computer generate a new set of random numbers for each of the five rounds by ticking off the box at the bottom of the screen that indicates as such.
  • Once the numbers are picked and the bets are placed, you click on either the Play One or Play Five button to start the round.

Keno Xperiment & Other Online Arcade Games

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