Knockout Arcade Game

Play Knockout Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Knockout is one of the most action-packed online arcade games that you’ll find and you can play it right here, right now at our casino online. You’ll feel like Rocky Balboa himself, all gloved up and ready to fight.

Play Knockout Arcade Games Online

How To Play Knockout

Get into the ring and show your opponent the stuff you’re made of when you play Knockout. In this game, you will literally be up against another powerful fighter to claim the world champion title for yourself. You’ll start off by choosing your fighter from one of two champions. Your opponent will be whoever you didn’t choose. The choice is one of two muscled and fearless boxing champs who aren’t afraid to give it all they’ve got in the ring.

Now it’s time to get into the ring! Your fearsome opponent will be facing you with his gloves raised. No more sparring here, it’s time to pull out the big guns and strike the blow of the match. It’s Knockout time! Your fans will be cheering you on from the side-lines while you fight the fight of your boxing career.

There are five arrows to choose from and each represents a direction to punch your opponent. Will it be an upper-cut or a side-blow that will win you the match? You’ll see on each of the arrows that there is an odds multiplier. This shows how much you stand to win for each direction. Your total bet will be multiplied by the odds multiplier of your chosen direction to give you your total payout per round. The multipliers are either x3, x5 or x12, depending on the arrow selected. This means that you can win big amounts, especially if you place the maximum bet!

Now you’ll choose your bet by clicking on the plus or minus sign in the bet box. Once this is done, it’s punching time! Click on the Punch button to strike a blow at your opponent. If you manage to knock him out with one blow you’ll be the champion and win the prize! When this happens your fighter will throw his arms into the air and the amount that you won will be displayed on the screen. After a win, you can click on the Continue button to fight another round.

More About Knockout

The theme is so realistic that you’ll even see the fighters getting black and blue as they fight. If you win, you’ll hear realistic cheering from the crowd of spectators and the bell will ring. If you lose a round, your fighter will take a punch, will look forlorn and give a shrug of defeat.

On the top right-hand side of your screen is a history bar that shows all of your most recent outcomes. It shows 9 results and has one on standby for the current round. This means that your latest result is the second from the left. This is a fantastic way to keep tabs on how your fights are going.

Knockout is immensely popular at our Australian online casino games because it gives players a chance to fulfil their dreams of being a champion boxer, without getting all the cuts and bruises. To play this incredible game, simply create your account, claim your welcome bonus and step into the ring!