Play Megaball Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Megaball is definitely not your average gambling sport. Why? Because instead of playing one entertaining variety at a time, you are actually getting eight phenomenal arcade games online that you can enjoy in one exciting spot! Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it? Well, then head into our club, and see what it’s all about fast!

Play Megaball Arcade Games Online

How to Play Megaball

  • The goal is to bet on the outcome of the Megaball draw. You can bet on a variety of characteristics, and you have up to ten opportunities to bet for each round.
  • Choose which version you want to play at our terrific Australian online casino. Will it be the Colors variety today, or maybe you want to try out the Numbers option. You can also select First & Last for a different taste, or Cocktail for a little of everything. There are also Sixth, Steps, Total and Jackpot. Remember, you can always come back and try a different version later on, so don’t get hung up on this step; it’s just the beginning of all the fun!
  • Based on the version you have chosen, your betting choices will appear. You have a lot of options to work with in terms of wagering, so if you are a punter who loves the numbers, this is going to be a field day for you. Pretty much, any aspect of the balls or combinations you could think of is there to bet on. Here is one example: if you choose the Colors round, you can select a colour from red, yellow or blue. Then you can choose the number of balls of that colour you think will appear in the drawing.
  • Megaball has a unique twist, though, that most other gambling sports do not. Instead of taking your time to place all these complex wagers that you are contriving, the clock gives you just sixty seconds to come up with your grand plan! Can you kick the tick? Give it a try.
  • Finally, the machine will generate six numbers for you. The more correct bets you make, the higher the payout.
  • One other element that makes things even more thrilling. Megaball is a progressive jackpot, and that translates to a lot of cash for you.

Play Megaball Now

The fun never stops because every minute a new round is being played. So hurry into Mansion Casino today, and try your hand at this exciting challenge now!