Play Penalty Shootout Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

He shoots, he scores! And he wins money every time he does it! These aren’t your average soccer penalties, there’s big money in these every time you score a goal. It’s not just your team’s ranking in the league at stake here, it’s also your bets.

Play Penalty Shootout Arcade Games Online

Penalty Shootout is a fun re-enaction of a soccer match that has gone to penalties. You’re the champion penalty-taker in this match and you’re up against the most skilled goalkeeper in the league. Will you be able to get the ball past him and into the goals? Sure, you can! All you need to do is aim and kick by pressing a few buttons, you don’t even need to be an athlete to do that.

Penalty Shootout is one of our most popular online arcade games and it appeals to players whether they’re soccer fans or not. Playing is as easy as can be. You literally need to just set your bet, aim for the goals and kick.

How To Play Penalty Shootout

To select your bet, simply click on the plus or minus button in the box underneath the soccer field. The minimum bet per round is $0.10 and the maximum is $2. Next you need to decide which direction you’ll be kicking in. There are five directions to choose from, and each is represented by an arrow. Each arrow shows the odds multiplier that goes along with it, so you can work out what payout you’ll earn based on the amount you bet and the direction you chose. The odds multipliers are x12, x5 and x3, depending on the direction. To select your direction, simply click on the arrow of your choice.

Now it’s goal-scoring time! Click on the orange Kick button to get your virtual self to kick the ball towards the goalpost. You’ll see the goalkeeper dive for the ball, and you’ll be holding your breathe in anticipation while you wait to see whether he caught it or not.

If you score the goal, you’ll be the winner and the amount that you’ve won will be displayed on the screen. The amount that you bet will be multiplied by your odds multiplier to calculate the total amount won. If you didn’t score, you’ll get a chance to try again by placing your bets and choosing your direction all over again.

There is a Keeper History table to the right of the soccer field, and this will show the result of each of your rounds up to 10 rounds. It shows the direction that you kicked in and whether you won or not, depicted by a tick or an ‘X’.

Penalty Shootout At Australia

Penalty Shootout is very popular at our online casino games because it’s very straightforward and easy to win. So if you’re looking to totally relax and play a fun-filled game that gives you lots of opportunities to win, then this is for you!

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