Play Pinball Roulette Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Pinball Roulette is exactly what the name implies – a hybrid game made up of part Roulette and part Pinball. This makes it one of the most enjoyable arcade games online that you could ever imagine!

Play Pinball Roulette Arcade Games Online

The playing screen for Pinball Roulette opens up to a Roulette betting table (with the notable exception of the wheel), where you’ll see all the familiar colours and numbers. You can bet in any number of ways, aside from betting on individual numbers which pay at 2:1. You can place bets on red or black, odds or evens, a series of numbers in numerical order, or even on a group of neighbouring numbers according to where they are on a Roulette wheel. Because there is no double zero, this is based on the French or European version of the table game, and not on the American version (which has a double zero).

How To Play Pinball Roulette

Now that you understand what the betting area looks like, let’s run through exactly how to play Pinball Roulette at our Australian online casino games. All you need to do is click on the chip value of your choice from $0.01 to $1. The minimum bet is $0.10 so if you want to use a $0.01 chip, you’ll have to use it in total at least 10 times. Next you’ll click on the areas of the betting table where you want to place your bets. Once all the chips are where you want them you’ll click on the Bet button. Before you do this you have the option to activate Turbo Mode. This mode is useful for speedy play because it gets those bets placed and played in the blink of an eyelid.

Another option is to play on auto-pilot by clicking on the Auto Bet button. You can activate this for up to 10 rounds. If this is not your first bet, you could click on the Repeat Bet button if you want to repeat your previous bet. This saves you the hassle of re-clicking on the betting areas that you chose already in the previous round.

Once you’ve bet, you’ll go to another screen that is now more like Pinball than the wheel of this popular table game. You won’t need to do anything here at all, just keep an eye on that little ball to see where it lands. The ball is automatically sprung out of the starting point and goes through a maze that looks like any old Pinball screen. The difference lies in where the ball lands! In this version, the ball will be landing in any of the 37 number pockets (0-36) that are moving along the bottom of your screen. Wherever your ball lands is the winning number! You’ll win if you had bet on this number or colour, or if you placed any bet at all that ties in to the winning number.

Gamble Feature Of Pinball Roulette

Players are offered a chance to gamble their winnings after any winning round. If you activate this feature, you’ll be taken to a new Pinball screen and if your ball hits against any of the multipliers, you’ll multiply your bet by the corresponding value! You can get multipliers for up to 10 times your win. If you don’t hit anything, you’ll lose those winnings.

Pinball Roulette is a huge hit at our online casino and gives players a good old time playing two popular games in one. Sign up, get your welcome bonus and see how lucky you are!