Play Rock-Paper-Scissors Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Rock-Paper-Scissors is the ultimate hand-on-hand challenge! It’s your fist against the system’s, so play to see who will come out the winner. There’s no physical blows being thrown in this boxing ring, just pure hand signals. You’ll be spurred on by the crowd of hands that is cheering you on from the side-lines!

Play Rock-Paper-Scissors Arcade Games Online

This is one of the most fun-filled arcade games online , because you’ll be playing a childhood favourite but this time you’ll get to win money doing it. How many times did you play this game as a kid to either get out of doing something or to get to do something? Maybe you and your brother would play to see who would have to clean up your bedroom?

How To Play Rock-Paper-Scissors

Now you can enjoy the same pastime at our Australian online casino games. And playing is oh-so-simple! First thing you would do is set your chip value by clicking on the plus and minus signs at the bottom left-hand side of your screen. Then you would click on either the 2, 3 or 4 on the right of your screen. This determines how many rounds you’ll play to see who the champion is. It pretty much means best of 2, best of 3, or best of 4. Your total bet will be calculated based on what you choose here.

Now it’s playing time so bring out those hands! On the left of the fists you’ll see a symbol for Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Click on the move you want to make and watch your virtual hand do it! The screen is set up like a boxing ring. The two fists in the middle are ready to ‘fight’ and yours is the hand to the left. When you choose your bet, the word ‘Fight’ will actually flash on the screen and then the two hands will make their moves. They even each make a boxing sparring move and then do their Rock-Paper-Scissors actions. Will your move take your opponent down?

Rules Of Rock-Paper-Scissors

The rules are exactly as you remember in the childhood version, only here you’ll be gambling for real money (or playing for fun at first). Your moves are a Rock, which is a closed fist; a Paper, which is an open hand; and a Scissors, which is making the cutting move with your forefinger and your index finger.

As always, Rock beats Scissors because it can smash it, Scissors beats Paper because it can cut it, and Paper beats Rock because it can smother it. Each move has its Achilles heel so just make sure that you choose the stronger move than your opponent each time. The hand that gets the most wins, according you how many you are playing, is the ultimate champion of the boxing ring!

Sign up to our online casino today, claim your welcome bonus and take on the system in this fun gambling challenge. You’ll have a ball reliving your childhood playing Rock-Paper-Scissors (or maybe you still play this with your spouse to see who’s taking out the trash?) and will love the loot that you can win doing so!