Play Rollercoaster Dice Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Are you into gambling? Sure you are, that’s why you are at our online casino, after all! Well, we have a great option for all the fun loving punters out there. Rollercoaster Dice is a whimsical option that lets you keep on gambling all night long. The stakes aren’t terribly high, but that makes sure you can continue your spree for even longer! Who’s ready to go for a ride?

Play Rollercoaster Dice Arcade Games Online

Rollercoaster Dice Highlights

Okay, Rollercoaster Dice is designed to look like an amusement park. There are loop-de-loops in the background, a giant theme park sign hanging over the screen and a row of cars with excited park-goers filling the rows. The colours and the sounds all fit in nicely with the theme as well. All in all, this one makes for an entertaining option if you enjoy online arcade games, so have some fun!

How to Play Rollercoaster Dice

Now for the playing rules. You place your first wager to start the round. The dice will be thrown and the total recorded on the scale that is running up the right side of the board. You’ll notice that there are eleven spaces along the column; four are green and have monetary amounts on them, and the rest are orange and blank. Starting from the bottom, each time you roll, the resultant total will show up in the space. With every successful roll, you get to advance higher and higher up the scale until you reach the jackpot at the top. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s take a step back for a second.

So you’ve rolled, and the total is recorded on the scale. Now what? You’ll notice that there are two buttons that light up at the bottom of the screen. One button says Lower or Same and the other one says Higher or Same (the exception to this is when the roll results in an unusual result such as snake eyes or double sixes). Your mission is to determine which one describes the next roll results. Will the next roll result in a higher total or a lower one than the current value? Guessed right? Then you get to keep going! Guess wrong, and the round starts again.

One other thing before you start having a ball playing Rollercoaster Dice at our crackerjack Australian online casino. When you reach one of those green markers indicating a payout, you can choose whether you want to cash it in and start again or continue on for a higher payout. The thrill is part of the fun, so jump in now!