Play Wheel Of Light Arcade Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Wheel of Light is a similar concept to Roulette in that you’ll place bets on certain numbers or outcomes and then a flashing wheel will spin to determine your fortune. But Wheel of Light is one of our arcade games online and not a table game. You won’t be finding this on the casino floor, it’s pure computerised fun!

Play Wheel Of Light Arcade Games Online

How To Play Wheel Of Light

You’ll start off playing this game by choosing a coloured chip. Each colour has a different value and you can choose from blue, yellow, green and red. Once you’ve clicked on a chip, you’ll then click on whichever area of the wheel that you want to place a bet. You can even place many chips of the same or different colours on one area by clicking multiple times.

Now the wheel itself has a couple of things in common with the Roulette version but overall it’s very different looking in style and design. For one, it also has numbers for you to bet on, but these numbers go from 0-30. The numbers form the outermost circle of the betting area. Next comes the ring of colours. There is blue, orange, green and red and you can bet on any of these. The innermost ring is a ring of number intervals, so you can bet on a series of numbers coming up, just like in Roulette.

The very middle of the betting area is made up of 4 sections – Hi, Lo, Even, Odd. You can bet on high numbers coming up or on low numbers coming up. You can also wager on evens or odds as the outcome.

A really attractive feature is that you can see the payout when you hold your cursor over a specific betting area. Specific numbers obviously have the highest payout, which is x30, and the Hi, Lo, Even and Odd section pays out x2 of your bet. This is because it’s easier to land these outcomes, so even though the payout is lower, it’s often preferable to choose betting options with a lower payout but that pay out more frequently. Come up with a strategy before you start playing so that you can maximise your bankroll.

Spinning The Wheel Of Light

Now it’s time to spin the Wheel of Light! Click on the arrow button on the right of the screen to do so and watch the flashing light spin ad spin around the betting area until it lands on a number. The numbers on where the light appears is shown on the top left-hand side of your screen as it goes round, and when it settles on a number, you’ll see that number lit up on the betting area. If it corresponds to a bet that you made, you’ll win! If you won, your payout will pop up on your screen and the whole screen will flash and light up. The amount you win depends on where you placed your bet.

Play Wheel of Light at our casino online and see what fortune awaits you! Sign up to our online casino games for all the action and a generous welcome bonus.