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Online casino blackjack is a very popular table game at online casinos. It is played in the same way as it is at land-based casinos, with the players playing against the dealer. The game is well-known both on and offline and it comes with a large number of variants. While anyone can play the game, it does help to learn blackjack strategy before beginning play for real money. Players will find the basic blackjack game easy to understand with slight changes for each variation. The game can be played with a different number of decks, have different dealer rules, different splitting rules, additional side bets, and more. Popular variations of the game include Pontoon, Atlantic City Blackjack, Blackjack Bonus, Blackjack Switch, and Spanish Blackjack.

History of Blackjack

Blackjack can trace its origins to as early as the 17th century in France and was known as Chemin de Fer. The French game, Vingt-et-Un, which literally means 21, did not share all the same rules that we play today, however, it did share the main aim of the game the ideal hand will be valued at 21 points.

In Italy, the game Seven and a Half had very similar rules to what we use for blackjack today. While the total needed to win was not 21, and the game used a different way to calculate the points, the game had rules such as going bust that are shared with the modern day game.

Blackjack found its way to North America after the French Revolution. It was later outlawed and then regained its legal status in 1931 when gambling was legalised in Nevada. Blackjack was later considered a standard game to be found in a casino, and naturally, when online casinos began, blackjack and its variations have become standard fare.

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The odds of winning at blackjack are fairly high. Since the game is a game of skill and luck, players need to make sure that they learn some basic blackjack strategy in order to give themselves the best odds at winning. Improving the way the game is played will improve the player’s odds of winning. When using perfect blackjack strategy, it is possible to lower the house edge to 0.5% thereby increasing the odds of winning in blackjack games with standard rules.

Players can usually get an idea of the odds of winning a specific hand by the ratio of payout that is offered. While a win against the dealer is paid out at 1:1, winning with a blackjack hand, is less likely to occur, and the payout is usually 3:2.

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Game Rules

Learning the rules of blackjack is easy and uncomplicated. The game is an exciting one even though the rules are fairly simple. All players and the dealer are dealt two cards. The dealer will have one or both cards face down while the player cards will be face up. Players need to get a combined point value of 21 or as close as possible to 21 without going over 21. Going over 21 is considered a bust and the player loses. Picture cards have a value of 10 and number cards each carry their face value. The Ace can be used either as a one or as an 11 according to the player’s discretion and the value of the other cards in the hand.

Players place wagers and play out their hands before the dealer does. If all players go bust, the dealer hand wins, and if there are players who are still in the game, the dealer hand will be played out and the winners determined. To play a blackjack hand, the player can either hit or stand. When the player hits, they are dealt an additional card, and when the player stands or sticks, they have chosen to end their turn and stop receiving cards.

At the end of each player round, the dealer will play out the dealer hand and when the winners are determined, will pay out the bets that have been won. The dealer hand is played according to the house rules or the blackjack variation. The dealer usually has to hit on 16 points but stand on 17 points.

There are other options available, such as splitting. Players can split their cards when they are dealt two cards of equal value and play the hand as if it is two separate hands with two separate bets. Some games will allow re-splitting, while others will not. The splitting rules vary somewhat according to the blackjack variation that is being played. There are some side bets that can be place, such as the insurance or the surrender bets, and in some cases, players can double down.

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Strategy and Tips

Since it is possible to increase the odds of winning by following blackjack strategy, it is useful for players to learn at least basic blackjack strategy. It is even possible to get a blackjack strategy card that can be easily used by online casino players while they are playing. The blackjack strategy cards show players the various hand options and combinations, and the best way to play based on the cards that have been dealt. The list of two-card blackjack hands are listed along with the possible dealer face-up cards. The strategy card then indicates whether a players should hit or stand based on the odds of the game.

It is important to note that while using the blackjack strategy, there are no guarantees that players will win every hand, however, over time it is expected that the player’s odds of winning are improved. For this reason, even though it is possible to have big wins by taking chances and not following the strategy, the likelihood of winning over time is decreased when blackjack strategy is ignored.

It is no longer possible to use card counting as a strategy, however, players can keep track of the number of high or low cards that have been dealt throughout the game in order to give them an additional indication as to whether they may wish to hit or stand.

Following these basic tips will help your blackjack game:

  • Learn basic blackjack strategy.
  • Become familiar with the rules of the blackjack version you have chosen to play since the rules can vary from table to table. Note: Many blackjack side bets come with little chance of winning.
  • Take the time to learn blackjack terminology before beginning real money play.
  • As with other casino games, players should make sure to keep track of their bankroll and make sure that they remain within their self-imposed gaming budget. Players should also set a loss limit for each hand or gaming session.
  • Playing free blackjack games gives players the chance to try out both betting and blackjack strategy.

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Game buttons

When playing online casino games, players will see a number of buttons on the screen. Some games will have only a few buttons, however, blackjack has a number of choices, more of which are added after the initial betting round.

Players will see the following buttons when playing blackjack online:

  • Deal - Clicking on this button will deal the cards.
  • Clear Bets - All bets will be cleared.
  • Double - All bets will be doubled.
  • Undo - This will remove only the last bet that was placed.

After the initial wagering, the following buttons will appear:

  • Hit - Player requests another card.
  • Stand - Player stops their turn and takes no more cards.
  • Split - When players have two of the same value cards, this button will let players split the cards into two separate hands if the rules of the blackjack variation allow for this.
  • Double Down - Players will double their current wager and get one more card.
  • New Game - This button begins a new game.
  • Rebet - Press this button to place the same bet as the game that has just ended.
  • Rebet and Deal - Rebet and have the cards dealt for the next game.

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  • Bankroll: The amount of money a player has for gambling.
  • Blackjack: Apart from being the name of the game, a ‘blackjack’ is a two-card hand that totals 21 and is made up of an Ace and a 10 or face card (face cards have a 10-value).
  • Bust: When a hand goes over 21 points.
  • Bust Card: The card that is dealt that causes the hand to go over 21 points.
  • Cash Out: Withdrawing winnings when the game is over.
  • Double: To double the wager.
  • Double Down: To double the wager and request one more card.
  • Face Cards: 10-value picture cards (Jack, Queen, King)
  • Hard Hand: A hand that has no Ace, or one in which the Ace carries a value of one. Compare to a ‘Soft Hand.’ A hard total is a hand that has been completed and has no Aces or an Ace that has been valued as one.
  • Hit or Draw: To request another card.
  • Hole Card: The dealer’s face-down card.
  • Insurance: This is a side bet that can be placed when the dealer has an Ace as a face-up card.
  • Natural: A natural blackjack is when the player is dealt a hand that totals 21 without having to request additional cards.
  • Push: This is a tie, when the dealer and player receive hands of equal value.
  • Soft Hand: A hand that has an Ace that is being used as an 11. A soft total is a total for a hand that has an Ace valued at 11.
  • Split: To split a hand into two hands when the player has been dealt two cards of equal value. This can be done only according to the game rules. Only the player may split a hand while the dealer will play only one hand per game.
  • Stand: The player chooses to stop their turn and will accept no more cards. Stand is sometimes referred to as Stick or Stay.
  • Strategy: The mathematically worked out system of how to play out the hands to increase the odds of winning.
  • Surrender: An option available in some blackjack variations by which the player can stop playing the game after the cards are dealt and before play begins. The player will lose half their original wager.
  • Up-Card: The dealer’s card that is dealt face-up.

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Opening an Account and Play for Real Money

When you have tried out the game strategy, and learnt the basic rules of the game, and feel you are ready to play online blackjack for real money, you will need to open an online casino account. To open an account at Mansion Casino Australia is easy and straightforward. Players who wish to open a Real Money online casino account can do so by following the instructions on the casino site.

The following are the basic steps to take to open a Real Money account:

  • To open a funded account, fill in your contact details in the online form to open a Real Money account. Make sure to choose the Australian dollar as the currency from the list provided.
  • Make sure to agree to the Terms and Conditions listed in order to complete the sign-up process.
  • Once the sign-up details have been given, and players have received a user name and password, real money play can begin. In order to begin real money play, players need to place funds in the account. There are a number of safe and secure deposit and withdrawal options to choose from, and players can do so in the cashier section of the online casino.
  • At this stage of the sign-up process, players can make a deposit and accept the $5,000 Welcome Bonus.
  • In order to play blackjack, go to the lobby or the Games tab and select blackjack from the list of games available, making sure to choose the variation you wish to play.
  • Players can contact Customer Support at any stage of the sign-up process to ask any questions regarding opening a Real Money account or any information regarding the games that are offered.

For any other help please use our Live Help | Email | Telephone +44 208 1660060