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Initially known as twenty-one, American blackjack was born when American casinos, in an effort to publicise the game of twenty-one and make it more popular, instituted a bonus that would be awarded to any player that won the game holding the ace of spades along with either the jack of clubs or the jack of spades (i.e. the black jack).Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games played in both live casinos and online casinos all over the world today. There are many different varieties of online blackjack, including American Blackjack, whose rules are slightly different than other versions of blackjack, and can change the way you experience the game. In American blackjack, unlike in other versions of the game, the dealer is dealt an extra card at the beginning of each game, known as the ‘American Hole Card”. The idea of the game is to get as close to twenty-one as possible without going over, and in the process, scoring a higher hand than that of the dealer.

Play American Blackjack Online

Rules of American Blackjack

When the game begins, the dealer is dealt two cards, one face up and one face down, unlike in other varieties of blackjack, such as European blackjack, in which the dealer only receives his second card after all other players have completed their play. If the dealer’s face up card is an Ace, he or she will automatically check their face down card to check for either a ten, or one of the three face cards – Jack, Queen or King, in order to determine if they have blackjack, or twenty-one. If the dealer has blackjack, play immediately ceases and all other players must forfeit their bets. If the dealer does not have an Ace as their face-up card, or their face-up card is an Ace, but their face-down card, once checked, is not a ten or a face card, then play continues as normal, with players choosing whether to hit (be dealt another card), or stand (leave their cards as is). During the course of play, players also have the option to double down on their bet or split their bet depending on the cards they have been dealt. Once all players choose to stand, the dealer’s face-down card is revealed and the player whose card total is closest to twenty-one without going over (bust) wins the hand.

Experience a piece of Americana with American Blackjack

Our casino online brings the glitz and glamour of the American casinos and the excitement and thrill of the American way of life to Australia with American Blackjack, a compelling variation on traditional blackjack that provides players with the great advantage of knowing if the dealer has blackjack before committing all their money to doubling down or splitting. This means the player has a better chance of making more money while at the same time minimising any losses. Play American Blackjack at Mansion Casino Australia today and live the American Dream!