Play Blackjack Surrender Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Blackjack Surrender is a variant of the traditional game of blackjack online. The difference is that in the former, the player is allowed to surrender after the first hand is dealt. Most of the other aspects of the game are the same as those of the standard version of blackjack.

Play Blackjack Surrender Online

Surrendering in Blackjack

The decision to surrender in this game should be taken only after the player determines whether his first two cards can beat those of the dealer. This move can be made only after the dealer has checked his hand for a Blackjack. When you decide to surrender, your hand loses automatically. However, you will get back half the initial bet you placed on it. This way, you get to avoid losing the whole bet, especially when the dealer’s hand shows the potential for making for a blackjack.

Rules Playing Blackjack Surrender

In Blackjack Surrender, the player has to make a hand of 21 before the dealer does, without exceeding that total. The rules on Mansion Casino Australia are largely the same as those of the Las Vegas Strip, with a few exceptions.

One of the rules of blackjack at this online casino is that the cards are placed back in the deck and shuffled after each round. The player is not allowed to re-split, and can draw only one card after splitting aces. He can double down after splitting.

Before he checks for Blackjack, the dealer will offer you the option of taking Insurance - if his up-card is an ace. The dealer will draw an additional card when his hand total is 16 or below. He will stand when it is 17 or higher. At this online casino, you get to also play the multi-player variant of Blackjack Surrender.

At our online casino, you have access to several variants of online blackjack. Two of the popular ones that you can play are Pontoon and Blackjack Switch. To learn more about the different types of blackjack games that are available at Mansion Casino, check out the Blackjack Rules and Blackjack History sections.