Play Blackjack Switch Online at Mansion Casino Australia

In Blackjack Switch, you play two hands one after the other. In this version of blackjack online, the cards on the right are played first, and those on the left, next. After the player makes decisions regarding his hands, the dealer plays his. The decisions that the player can take are to - stand, split, hit, double or take insurance.

Play Blackjack Switch Online

While player decisions are the same as those in the traditional version of Blackjack, the dealer’s decisions are slightly different. One such is that he will have to always hit a soft 17.

The payout for Blackjack Switch at our casino online is just 1/1, as opposed to 3/2 for traditional Blackjack. This can be partly attributed to the fact that there is a higher scope for making blackjacks in this variant when compared to the others, as it involves two hands.


In case the dealer has a ten, in blackjack switch, or an ace as his up-card, he will be allowed to peek at his hand. This will allow him to check whether he has a blackjack, before the player can make a move. In case the dealer makes blackjack, he wins the round, reveals his cards and collects the bets. If one of the two initial hands that the player has – prior to switching – creates a Blackjack, it will push against that of the dealer. The bet will then be given back to the player.

Deciding to Switch and Dealing with Push 22

The player can make the decision to switch before any hits. The top cards of either of his hands can be switched. On a hand with a total of 22, the dealer will have to push all bets. This is irrespective of his total. The only exception to this is when the player’s hand makes or Blackjack or it Busts.

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