Half Double Blackjack

Play Half Double Blackjack Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Half Double Blackjack is another fantastic twist on one of the most classic online card games. In this version, you’ll get to apply your usual knowledge and skills, but it has an added feature that we know you’ll love.

Play Half Double Blackjack Online

The Basics Of Half Double Blackjack

Let’s start off by going back to basics. In Half Double Blackjack your aim, as it always is in this game, is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. You definitely want to avoid going over 21, as this means you’ve gone ‘bust’ and lost the hand. You’ll win the round if either you get a higher point value than the dealer, or if the dealer goes bust.

The cards also have the same values as in the regular version. Aces are equal to either 1 or 11, whatever you want it to be; faces are equal to 10; and 2-9 are valued at whatever face number they are. In Half Double Blackjack, the dealer uses six decks that are reshuffled before each hand.

There are so many exciting versions of online blackjack to choose from, so the only question that remains is what makes this version special? What is its defining feature?

It works like this – the dealer will receive one face-down card and one face-up. He won’t check to see if he has blackjack though, even if he’s been dealt an ace or a face as the first one. If it turns out that he did score an ace and a face, you’ll won’t lose the full amount in your doubled wager, only half. Hence the name of the game!

Features Of Half Double Blackjack

Other than this special feature all the other features are essentially the same as always.

Doubling down means that you can double your wager before any more cards are dealt but you’ll only get one more dealt to you.

This in fact is what defines this version, because remember that if it turns out that the dealer has blackjack you’ll lose only half of this doubled wager.

Some of the other features that apply here include splitting, insurance, and Ten-Card Charlie. Splitting means to literally split your hand into two if your original pair has the same valuation. Insurance is when you place an insurance bet to protect your hand if the dealer’s first card dealt is an ace. Ten-Card Charlie is another fun feature, which gives the player an automatic win if he has a set of 10 in his hand to the value of less than 21. This is providing that the dealer doesn’t have blackjack of course.

Half Double Blackjack is a firm favourite at our online casino Australia. If you like the sound of how it all works, why don’t you sign up with us now to try it out for yourself? Twice the winnings and twice the fun when you play this option at our Australian online casino.