Play Perfect Blackjack Online at Mansion Casino Australia

If you’re an blackjack online fan but are wanting some extra thrills, then Perfect Blackjack is just what you’re looking for.

Play Perfect Blackjack Online

This version adds some more oomph to one of the most popular online card games of all time, by combining it with an exciting Perfect Pairs side-wager for a chance to earn some extra cash.

The Specifics Of Perfect Blackjack

When you start playing Perfect Blackjack, you’ll get a chance to place a bet on what your first pair of cards, or on what the dealer’s first pair will be made up of – a Perfect Pair, a Coloured Pair, and a Red/Black Pair.

So what do these all mean? A perfect pair is made up of two cards of the same suit. The payout for this pair is 25:1. The next best pair is a Coloured Pair, which is a pair from a different suit but matching colours. A Coloured Pair pays out 12:1. The final pair that you can wager on is a Red/Black pair. This is when you bet that either your first two cards or the dealer’s will be both from different suits and different colours. This bet pays 6:1.

The rest of the game is Blackjack business as usual, but there are a couple of more nuances to Perfect Blackjack that are good to know. These relate mostly to the side-wager and include these rules:

  • You can stick to the regular playing if you prefer, without even activating the side-bet.
  • If you do go ahead and bet on the side, you need to have wagered first on the main round.
  • You can bet on both your own first two cards as well as on the dealer’s simultaneously, in other words, two bets are permitted.
  • If you choose to double and the dealer’s first in the original dealing is an ace, which lands up being a blackjack, you’ll lose the entire doubled bet. If the dealer’s first card is a 10 though and blackjack happens, then you’ll retain this double bet.
  • If you split and then get an ace and 10, this adds up to 21 and doesn’t mean blackjack.
  • Ten-Card Charlie applies in this version and this feature is also relevant when splitting

Perfect Blackjack At Mansion Casino Australia

As you can tell, this version is a huge hit at our online casino. Everybody loves a chance for an extra gamble to win some extra cash, so the side-betting feature of this version makes it an immensely popular choice.