Play Pontoon Blackjack Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Pontoon, a British version of Blackjack, is offered by our online casino Australia, a site that offers some of the best variants of online blackjack. At this online casino, Pontoon is played with 8 decks of 52 cards each. In this version of pontoon, the player has to make a hand as close to a total of 21 as possible. He should however, not exceed the value.

Play Pontoon Blackjack Online

Both the dealer and the player start the game with two cards. The dealer then checks his hand - which will always remain face down - for pontoon. Following this, the player will decide to stand, split, hit or double. His decision to stand should be based on whether the hand total is 15, or exceeds it. When the player indicates that he is satisfied with the strength of his hand, the dealer will reveal his hand. He will then hit or stand – based on house rules. The dealer wins if there is a push, but he will have to hit if he has a soft 17.

Unique Features of Pontoon

  • In Pontoon, two hands can beat 21: Pontoon (an ace with either a face card or ten), and a Five Card Trick (irrespective of the values, if the player’s hand has five cards and he does not bust).
  • Until the player busts or stands, the dealer’s cards will be face-down.
  • The player does not have the option of taking insurance.
  • If there is a tie, the dealer’s hand wins.
  • At the outset, the dealer checks his cards. In case he makes a Pontoon, his cards will be turned over. The player will then lose the bet he placed on that hand.
  • At Mansion Casino Australia, the player does not have the option of standing till his hand makes 15 at least.
  • Following a doubling, the online casino allows players to draw any number of cards.

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