Play Progressive Blackjack Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Progressive Blackjack is a unique variant of traditional blackjack online. It typically combines the rules of blackjack, and those of progressive jackpots. In Progressive Blackjack, the player has the option of placing an extra bet - his entry to the jackpot. To place the bet at our online casino, the player will have to click on the coin slot provided at the top of the bet area. On doing this, the light on it will turn green, and you will be allowed to make a side bet. A small percentage of the bet you place at this online casino goes towards the progressive jackpot pool.

Play Progressive Blackjack Online

Progressive Jackpot Pay-Table

The pay table for the progressive jackpot will reveal a card combination which you will have to get, in order to win an extra payout. The pay-table can be viewed when you click on the button marked Show Pay-Table, placed to the left of the screen. The biggest progressive payout in this version of blackjack is the jackpot. You win it when you get four aces consecutively. Mansion Casino Australia also requires you to meet other specific requirements in terms of card combinations. The wins are given to players after each round ends. If a hand has been split, the wins are calculated accordingly.

Winning the Progressive Blackjack Jackpot

The jackpot that players can win in Progressive Blackjack is one that is built by the contributions made by players from each of the sites that offer this variation. The player who gets the right results wins the complete jackpot. Once a Progressive Blackjack jackpot has been won, another is started by the online casino, which puts in a small amount of money called seed.

The game can be played in single or multi-hand mode. Mansion Casino Australia allows you to play a maximum of five hands at a time in the latter mode.

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