Progressive Baccarat

Play Progressive Baccarat Card Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Are online card games your thing? Do you consider yourself to be a master of poker, baccarat and blackjack? Maybe you’ve tried your hand at all of these, and are looking for something with even more sizzle. Whatever your reasons, just the fact that Progressive Baccarat has a hot progressive jackpot linked to it should be enough to get you signing up for your piece of this action right now!

Play Progressive Baccarat Card Games Online

That’s right, online pokies aren’t the only ones to be sporting super-cool progressive jackpots. Card games can have these babies too! And in this case, it’s Progressive Baccarat that will be making every day your lucky day just by giving you a shot at the ever-growing jackpot prize.

Snapshot Of Progressive Baccarat

Let’s do a quick brush-up on your baccarat knowledge, so that when you start playing for your piece of the progressive pie, you’ll be performing at your very best.

The standard version is made up of a player (you hopefully!) and the banker (who is not the dealer by the way). Because the banker is not the dealer, you as the player can bet on yourself winning, on the banker winning or even on a tie. This is just one of those things that make this version special, because where else do you get to put your money on your opponent and feel good about doing it?

Your aim is to get as close to the number 9 as possible using the set that you’ve been dealt. Just like in blackjack, your cards have different point values, but the denominations are a little different here.

Cards from 2-9 are valued at their face-value; 10’s and the face-cards are 0; and the Ace is valued at 1. To start off with, you and the banker will each be dealt two cards. What will happen next is based entirely on what you’ve been dealt and what your total point count is from your pair. There are a couple of different things that can happen. If your total falls between 0-5, you’ll be dealt one more. A point score of 6 and 7 means you will stand. Now if either you or the banker have an 8 or 9 in your hand, this is called a natural win and the round is over. Whether or not the banker draws a third depends on what you have in your hand, so it’s best to check out the paytable to see the exact rules for what happens here.

What Makes Progressive Baccarat Special

So, now that our rules recap is over, let’s find out more about the real reason Progressive Baccarat is such a hit at Mansion Casino. If you as the player are dealt an ace and an 8 from the same suit, for example, an ace of hearts and an 8 of hearts, and the banker holds exactly the same in his hand, you’ll be the lucky jackpot prize winner! You can also win a prize of 10,000x if you are dealt an ace and an 8 from the same suit, and the banker draws an ace and matching 8 from a different suit to yours. There are additional smaller jackpots to be won for varying combinations.

Get your hands on some real big cash by having a go at this favourite from our Australian online casino. Huge jackpots are waiting to be won. Do you see fortune in your future?