Play Red Dog Card Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Red Dog poker is all about guessing really. There’s not much strategy to it, because if you win it is pretty much up to lady luck, the luck of the draw, fate, your good fortune, or whatever you choose to call it.

Play Red Dog Card Games Online

It is one of the more simplistic and fun of all the card games online, where all you need to do is place your bets, and then wait to see whether the card that will determine your fate will be on your side.

Learn More About Playing Red Dog

Time to get down to the specifics! When you enter the game at Mansion Casino, you’ll arrive at a Red Dog poker table, which has betting areas, a paytable and something called a ‘Spread’ layout. We’ll get to know what the spread is all about.

To start off, choose your bets by selecting chips of the value that you want to wager. You can take bets off the table or reduce the number of chips with the simple click of your mouse. Now it’s time to deal. With one click of your mouse on the deal button, two face-up cards will be dealt onto the table.

This is where the ‘spread’ element of Red Dog comes into play. Based on what you were dealt, the spread between them, or the number of cards that would come between these two cards, would be worked out. As an example, if you were dealt a three and a six, the spread would be two. It is two because a number 4 and 5 are the only two cards that would rank between your original two. So the puck is aligned against the relevant number on the spread layout.

All the info on what the player will be paid out based on what the third draw reveals is in the paytable.

Possible Outcomes Of Red Dog

There are a number of different outcomes that can occur. If this original set of two are consecutive cards, then it will be a tie and you’ll get your bet back. If they happen to be a pair then a third is automatically dealt. Now there would be two possible scenarios – if this third one creates a 3 of a kind, the player is paid out 11:1. If it doesn’t, then the result is a tie.

Now the regular scenario is if the two original cards are neither consecutive nor a pair. In this case, the player will get to either ‘raise’ or ‘call’. If the choice was to call, then the third one will be dealt. If it’s within the spread then you’ll be a winner, paid out according to the paytable. And if it‘s the equivalent of either of the first two, or if it’s not in the scope of the spread, then you’ll lose. Simple as that!

Raising means to place another bet identical to the first and then, based on these same rules, if you win, you’ll win based on this new overall wager. Even though the stakes are higher when raising, the payouts are worth their weight in gold, if you’re brave enough to double your bet that is! See what fate has in store for you when you play Red Dog at our leading online casino Australia. You may very well become the alpha of the pack!