Understanding ClickandBuy

Established in 2000, ClickandBuy is an e-wallet solution for making transfers over the internet and is popular as an online casino payment solution. It was initially popular in Europe, but is now a commonly used payment solution around the world. It is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), making it reliable and safe. A ClickandBuy account can be funded via more than 40 different payment options, making it convenient and simple to use. As an e-wallet, ClickandBuy maintains a high level of privacy and anonymity as you do not need to share any personal or financial information with the online casino.

ClickandBuy as a Payment Solution

ClickandBuy can be used to make deposits to and withdrawals from your online casino account. Before it can be used you must open a ClickandBuy account. You will be required to provide personal and financial information upon registration, but this information will not be required again and will not be passed on to the online casino you are making deposits to. A ClickandBuy account does not need to be pre-funded. Once you verify a payment with the e-wallet, the funds will be transferred from your bank account or credit card via ClickandBuy to your online casino account.

ClickandBuy at Mansion Casino Australia

ClickandBuy is one of the e-wallet payment solutions that are available at Mansion Casino Australia. To use ClickandBuy to fund your casino account, visit the cashier section and click on ClickandBuy. Follow the steps and your funds will be transferred almost as soon as you have verified the payment. For a list of other e-wallet solutions, visit the E-wallet page of the casino. Mansion Casino Australia also accepts many other payment options and for a look at the other types of solutions available visit the Payment Method page of the casino.

We currently support Clickandbuy secured online payment method. Visit Clickandbuy website for more information, or get your help right here.