Envoy Casino

Envoy is a unique bank transfer service that takes an international money transfer and turns it into two local transactions. Their motto ‘Think Global, Pay Local’ says it all. This approach saves time and saves money because each transaction is processed locally. Envoy is ideal for the online gaming world, because players are constantly moving large sums of money internationally, from their personal bank accounts into their online casino accounts. With an ordinary inter-bank transfer, these transactions could add up to a very hefty sum!

Envoy has made such an impact on how international money transfers happen that it is now an industry leader. This tells you that your money is completely safe when you use Envoy to transact online. Envoy is also known for its reliability so you can rest assured that your funds will be where you want them, right away!

The company, which was founded in 2005, came up with a simple, yet ingenious, formula to make this possible. Envoy set up its own bank accounts all over the world. So when an account holder requests an international money transfer, Envoy simply puts that money into their local bank account and takes money from their bank account in the other country.

For example, if you want to transfer funds from your Australian bank account to a casino account (which is in Gibraltar, for example), Envoy will put your money into their own Australian account and transfer the equivalent amount from their Gibraltar account. It’s simple money in, money out.

Mansion Casino Australia is an Envoy Casino

As an Envoy Casino, Mansion Casino Australia accepts this popular payment service. So if you have an Envoy account (or if you want to set one up), you can move your playing funds with ease, speed and at low cost. You wouldn’t want to use a chunk of your winnings to pay transaction fees, and you won’t need to when you use Envoy. This makes it one of the best payment methods for Australian players.

How Does an Envoy Casino Work

You don’t even need to open up another browser window to access your Envoy account. It’s all done directly through the cashier of our Envoy Casino. All you would have to do is go to your cashier, choose Envoy as your deposit method, and follow the simple instructions. It’s as straightforward as logging in to your Envoy account and confirming the amount that you want to transfer. Another bonus of this is that you won’t be revealing your own personal bank account details at any point, only your secure Envoy log-in.

When you make deposits or withdrawals at this Envoy Casino, you’ll have access to 200 local payment services. The world just became an even smaller place!

We currently support the following secured online payment method, Envoy. Visit Envoy website for more information, or get your help right here.