Who writes a cheque anymore? With all the technology out there, a chequebook seems antiquated. Unless you’re using INSTADEBIT, of course. This payment system is one of the best E-Wallet services out there, and is similar to a cheque in that it debits your bank account, only it’s much better!

The name says it all – instant debits. Your bank account will be debited immediately, instantly, each time you make a transaction. This makes it a step up from a cheque because you don’t need to wait for anything to be verified by the bank and the transaction fees are extremely low. It’s also easier than using a debit card, because it’s all virtual, no card required, and you don’t need to remember any card numbers or pin codes.

The main difference between INSTADEBIT and other digital wallets is that INSTADEBIT only links to your bank account, and not to any of your banking cards. You even use the same banking info that you would find on one of your cheques (if you happen to own a chequebook) when you connect your bank account. You’re not actually transferring any money into your INSTADEBIT account, you’re just linking your bank account to your INSTADEBIT account. This makes this account a go-between for all online transactions, and saves you the step of moving money out of your bank account yourself. The system does it all for you whenever you make a transaction.

Reasons to Play at an INSTADEBIT Casino

You can use this revolutionary system first-hand right here at our INSTADEBIT Casino. We’ve integrated with their system, so that our players can reap the rewards, and there are many rewards to using this payment option. If you’re ready to start playing, you can deposit using INSTADEBIT; and once you’ve raked in those winnings, you can withdraw too. The money will then go straight back into your bank account, and you can head off on your spending spree.

Safe and Sound at an INSTADEBIT Casino

Our INSTADEBIT Casino has world-class data encryption and security technology in place, so you can breathe easy knowing that your funds are protected 24/7. Money is changing hands all the time at an online casino, so it’s important to know that each transaction is safe. INSTADEBIT is best known for its exceptional fraud and risk management process and its top-quality security.

Join Mansion Casino Australia today and choose the INSTADEBIT Casino option in the cashier. Log-in, approve the transaction and watch your bankroll fill up with loot…instantly! You can do the same for withdrawals, but these transactions aren’t as immediate as the deposits. You might have to wait a few days (as is the case for all popular payment methods) but the winnings are definitely worth the wait!

We currently support INSTADEBIT Online Payment method option, in order to open an account Please visit INSTADEBIT Website and for more information about INSTADEBIT CLICK HERE.