Play Alchemist's Lab Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Alchemist’s Lab is a single pay line, three reel pokies online machine game. There are three spinning reels which, when halted, form combinations that can result in pay-outs if the combination is a winning one. If you enjoyed this single line slot game, you should browse through some of the other options available at Mansion Casino Australia, like 8 Ball Slots and Reel Classic 3.

Play Alchemist's Lab Online Pokies

How it Works

The regular symbols which can be found on the three spinning reels are a gold coin, red and green flasks, a blue test tube and a gold ring. These symbols are all reflective of the magical theme of the game. The bonus game offered is called the Magic Potions Feature game.

To begin playing, players must first choose the denominations of the coins that they wish to wager. To do this, they can use the two buttons which are displayed in the game's lobby, 'increase' and 'decrease'. These options allow the players to choose their coin size easily. After the coin denominations have been decided, players will have to determine how many coins they are willing to wager on the game. Players are given two betting options - 'Bet One' and 'Bet Max'.

The Bet One option is preferred by cautious players as it merely adds one coin to the amount already wagered. The Bet Max option is for the bold, as it wagers the maximum possible amount. Once the Bet Max option has been selected, the reels spin automatically. The way to calculate the total bet amount is to multiply the number of coins wagered by the size of the coins selected.

Bonus Features Available

Players can win a random bonus prize while playing the Magic Potion Bonus game. This occurs when three or more magic spell books appear on the reels. When playing the bonus game, players can select any of the three potion bottles to create their own magic potions. A bonus prize is offered based on the strength of your potion. Take a chance and try out some other games offered by our online casino.