Play Atlantis Queen Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

It’s no longer a childhood fairytale. Bring the magical legend to life in all its glory when you play Atlantis Queen Pokies, an exciting five reel, 25 payline pokie from Mansion Casino Australia that takes you on an amazing underwater adventure through the mysterious fabled city under the sea. Go on a voyage unlike any you’ve ever experienced before, to a hidden world below sea level, uninhabited by humankind and filled with dazzling characters, enchanting music and lots of the extra features pokie players love.

Play Atlantis Queen Online Pokies

Get ready to dive deep into a lost civilization in a world submersed underwater and laden with buried treasure like bonuses, free spins and fabulous multipliers.

Unlike other pokies online, Atlantis Queen has all 25 of its paylines open, so your chances of a payout are even better. Just follow the mermaid through beautiful landscapes like the Temple of Poseidon as you advance through different bonus rounds in an effort to secure the major jackpot this game offers. There’s no need to worry about choosing lines, all you need to do is simply choose your wager and off you go.

Atlantis Queen Game Features and Extras

Atlantis Queen Pokies is one of those casino games that can keep you happily occupied, with plenty of extras, symbols and combinations to enhance your underwater experience. Full of the thrills and adventure you’d expect from a journey to that deepest part of the ocean that houses a city that has remained hidden from prying eyes for centuries. Get paid on two of a kind with the Poseidon statue symbol or the treasure treat symbol, and enter the Temple bonus level when you get at least three temple scatter symbols on the reels. Splash your way to more chances to win extra scatters, more wilds and tons of additional multipliers when the Temple bonus level is activated! The more levels you pass through on your way through the temple, the higher your score and your potential payout!

Go wild with the Atlantis Queen Pokies, an amazing wild symbol that can take the place of most other symbols. Her majestic regalness can also activate the Pearl bonus level if you spot her floating around anywhere on reels two, three and four. If the Queen blesses you with her presence on these reels, then entry is gained to the Pearl bonus round, in which nine random pearls are opened up by the computer, some containing prizes. Any prizes revealed within are added to your total score.

Play Atlantis Queen Pokies Today!

Submerge yourself in action, fun and waves of thrills as you join Poseidon, the grand and powerful “mer-king”, her royal majesty, the resplendent Atlantis Queen, and other entertaining characters through beautiful and creative landscapes filled with tropical fish. Use the numbers, 10 through Ace, and symbols, such as the hero’s shield, together to make 39 different winning combinations.

Sign up at online casino Australia today, grab hold of your $5,000 Welcome Bonus, and start your adventure to the legendary sunken city today!