Play Benchwarmer Football Girls Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

We have plenty of online casino games that will keep you playing into the wee hours of the night thanks to an exciting storyline, fabulous action clips and terrific graphics. When you play Benchwarmer Football Girls Pokies you will also be up all night, but it will probably be for a different reason! If you don’t know yet, then you haven’t seen the specs on this spicy version. Do yourself a favour a load it up now; we’d be surprised if it didn’t make it to the top of your favourites list in no time flat! Head over to our gambling lobby now, and find out what everyone is getting excited about.

Play Benchwarmer Football Girls Online Pokies

Benchwarmer Football Girls Pokies – Caution, it’s HOT!

Now that you have seen the screen shots, you know that this version is filled with some of the most beautiful women who are enjoying the sport. And it doesn’t get much better than that, now does it? Well, when you play Benchwarmer Football Girls Pokies, you also get to revel in the idea that real money might be flowing into your pockets, as you ogle at the reel icons and have a good time! Some of the sights that you’ll be taking in include a beautiful blonde, a bold, bare-bellied brunette and some sexy sisters shamelessly strutting their stuff across the screen.

Benchwarmer Football Girls Pokies Sizzling Special Effects

Before you forget what you came to our casino online for in the first place, let’s talk a little bit about the mechanisms at work here. You place a wager by adjusting the amount with the plus and minus buttons. Then you press play to watch the reels spin out for you. When they come to rest, you want to find three of the same icons on an active payline to collect the payout that is indicated on the chart. There are some symbols that will help you out in case there aren’t enough of a single icon to make a win. We offer a wild card, and this can replace almost any other symbol in order to complete the set (or make it bigger if there are already three in place.) We also have a scatter symbol that awards ten free spins if they appear on the screen three times in one spin. Those freebies come along with an exciting Benchwarmer Football Girls Pokies feature that you are not going to want to miss out on!

Finally, the bonus symbol on reels one and five will bring you to a Football bonus feature that is loaded up with prizes galore. All in all, Benchwarmer Football Girls Pokies is one of the most exciting pokies online games you are ever going to play, so have fun!