Play Bermuda Triangle Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

When you feel like getting lost in the fun of online pokies Bermuda Triangle is the place to be. Disappear into the classic design appeal of this three-reeled, five-payline pokie right here at Mansion Casino and discover why players keep coming back over and over again.

Play Bermuda Triangle Online Pokies

Unlike the real Bermuda Triangle, there is no mystery here. This is a straightforward no frills favourite of players around the world, with a stormy seas themed background. There are no mysteries to be solved here, because there are no added features. You do not need to spin for bonus features or search for wild symbols in this game.

Uncover the Key to Winning in the Bermuda Triangle

The key is finding the winning combinations and with eleven winning combinations available you must always remember that the payout is calculated based on the bet you have placed and the number of paylines you choose to open.

This right to the point game includes symbols pulled right out of the deep blue sea such as a frightening shark, a delightful dolphin, an octopus, a lost airplane, and a wooden ship. Since there are no wilds and scatters in this version, each symbol has its own payout, just like the classic pokies. Don’t forget to look at the payout schedule to know what you are playing for. The three sea creatures; dolphin, shark, and octopus can combine to make a small payout or you could be fortunate and get three of a kind for an even larger payout. Each group of three has its own value and the sharks have the highest payout of all.

Increase Your Jackpot in Bermuda Triangle

The one bonus you will uncover in this deep sea mystery is the Bermuda Triangle bonus. When you get three wooden ships in a row you have reached the bonus level where the payout will be determined by the pay line on which the wooden ships land. When you choose to activate all seven pay lines you naturally increase your chances of winning the biggest possible payouts because pay line number seven offers the largest reward.

Without the need to learn about wild symbols, scatter symbols and extra bonus rounds this is a fabulous opportunity for a novice player new to online pokies. Even experienced players will enjoy the simplicity of playing a game which offers great prizes without much distraction. Best of all, this fabulous version is available to any player with any kind of budget since it offers a wide variety of betting options.

Whether you choose Bermuda Triangle or any of the other exciting pokies which this Australian online casino has to offer, the fun is literally at your fingertips.