Play Classic Online Pokies

While not its own category, Classic Slots really does stand out from all the rest. These pokies online have an air that old school fun and flavour that nobody can ever replace, and we wouldn’t even try. From the music to the motif and everything around it, this option is a real keeper. Take a look!

All About Classic Slots

Classic Slots is a bit of a misnomer because it is really more of a cross between online pokies and scratch off cards, another popular option at Mansion Casino. The board is presented like a classic style slots machine, and all of the icons are just as you would imagine (or might even remember them) to be. There are the usual fruit symbols, along with bars for the authentic feeling, but then things start to take a turn. Instead of reels in motion, you are actually getting a scratch off card action to reveal the hidden icons. So you are playing two games in one!

Classic Slots Specialty Features

While everything about this game says old school entertainment, there are actually a few modern day twists concealed within these online pokies that you are going to enjoy as well. For one thing, there is the auto play feature, something that most punters love to take advantage of. This option lets you select how many rounds you want to play through, and the machine will do the rest. After picking a wager amount and setting the number of spins, you can sit back and watch the magic of modern technology making you some money! You can even step away from the computer, and come back to a larger bankroll than you left.

Another added perk from online casino Australia is the scratch all button. Some folks just don’t have the patience to clear away each and every slot on the machine. That’s where this button comes in handy. You can click on the SCRATCH ALL button, and the machine will automatically clear away the façade to reveal the icons below. Of course, if you enjoy the anticipation that comes from clearing each one away individually, then go right ahead and scratch away.

Classic Slots brings people back to a simpler time when gambling was just a great way to kick back and relax. Whatever style gaming you are into, there is always room for the classics. So log onto our terrific remote access site today, and play some Classic Slots for old time’s sake!