Play Cops N’ Bandits Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Meet Skinny Larry, Tiny George, and Slim McThin. They’re rivals in the ever-going war between the two sides that are featured in our next edition Cops & Bandits Pokies. Come share in the whimsical fun and entertaining antics of these two bungling bad guys and the copper who is bent on bagging the duo when you take these reels for a spin at the best online casino Australia has ever seen!

Play Cops N’ Bandits Online Pokies

Cops N’ Bandits Pokies Symbols & Line Up Bonus

The Cops & Bandits Pokies is an entertaining game designed in a playful, comic strip fashion. Aside from the main characters whom we’ve mentioned above, you can find things like a golden badge, bags of cash and handcuffs along the reels. If you get lucky, you’ll see the brick walled wild card, and, with it, find help for creating bigger victories. If you are luckier still, there is the Line Up Bonus that will really get you excited since it’s one of the most amusing features in all of our pokies online machines. This symbol has to appear simultaneously on reels one, three and five to work. When it does, though, you are looking at a major cash prize that you can collect. Here’s how it works:

  • Six dastardly criminals are lined up in a row.
  • You get to choose one of the six as the bad guy in question. If you are right, then the current reward shown at the top of the screen is yours to keep. If you are wrong, then the amount of money on that criminal is taken away from the total reward.
  • Then you get to choose again. Obviously, you want to win as fast as possible to keep the greatest amount of the prize cash as possible.

Free Games in The Cops N’ Bandits Pokies

The badge symbol is a scatter card. Three of these gets you into the free games mode. You get to pick from three badges to determine the amount of games you’ll be riding for free. During the freebies, there is a locked wild feature. When the policeman shows up next to one of the crooks, he locks him in place, and that symbol remains a wild card for the remainder of your free spins. As they stay locked in place, this can actually amount to quite a bit of cash in the end!

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