Play Cowboys & Aliens Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

If you feel like you’ve just stumbled into an episode of the Twilight Zone, then you might be playing our Cowboys & Aliens Pokies. This could possibly win the award for strangest theme of all casino games out there, and that is probably why our players love it so much! After all, how can you resist a total out there, zany and completely unpredictable gambling experience? It’s what gambling is all about! Like what you are hearing? Then check out all of the details about this wildly amusing and ever-surprising addition to our line up fast.

Play Cowboys & Aliens Online Pokies

Cowboys & Aliens Pokies – Fighting For The Planet!

Cowboys & Aliens Pokies is a nine-payline option. We know what you are thinking; what could be so crazy about a nine-liner? Well, step inside, and see for yourself. How often do the elements of space invading mutants encounter the simplistic drawl of a southern bell or the ancient wisdom of the native American Indians? Not too often, that’s for sure, and it is unique elements such as these that make these reels stand out. You’ll find gruesome extra terrestrials drooling their Martian slobber across the screen, fast-drawing cowboys and some startled preachers all along the reels.

Cowboys & Aliens Pokies – All The Bonus Features

As you would expect from one of the wildest picks at the best casino online anywhere, Cowboys & Aliens Pokies has some terrific bonus features. Find the loaded gun symbol on the first reel to trigger the Alien Weapon feature. This gives you the chance to use between one and four wild symbols, shot randomly from that gun, so keep your eyes peeled, and watch to see what happens next. Get eight free spins when you hit three of the freebie symbols in one shot. This feature comes with an extra element of surprise, a glowing wild symbol that takes up a large section of the board throughout the entire feature. What that translates to you is that you get even bigger and better wins for your spin.

Finally, the Alien Attack bonus feature is something you don’t want to miss. Select one of the main characters to play out this round for you. The goal is to kill as many extra terrestrials as possible during your round. Each shot that you take can award you with a multiplier, cash prize or more ammo for taking extra shots. Cowboys & Aliens Pokies has loads of exciting quirks that you are sure to love. So get yourself an account or opt for the free mode, and play pokies online at Mansion Casino today!