Play Crazy 7 Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Crazy 7 is a three reel, single line slot game which can be found at Mansion Casino Australia. What is interesting about this game is its symbols. Unlike most other slot games that have a number of symbols, Crazy 7 only has one kind. Along with it, the game features four winning combinations. The game can be viewed in two modes. One is in the close up mode which shows the display with the reels, etc. The other option is a full-window version which shows you the entire pokies machine, complete with game choices on both sides.

Play Crazy 7 Online Pokies

How to Play

The regular symbols, like all slot games, are based on the theme of the game. So it comes as no surprise that Crazy 7's symbols are all twisted up '7' symbols. The differentiating factor between the 7's are their colors. They come in red, blue and green. You can win the game by managing to line up a set of three 7's in matching colors. The other option is a set of mixed colored 7's.

To start playing, the player must choose the size of the coins to be wagered. You can make this selection easily by increasing and decreasing them, using the 'plus' and 'minus' buttons on the screen.

Once this has been decided, you must choose how many coins you are willing to bet. By clicking on the 'Bet One' button, you can increase your wager by one coin. By selecting the 'Bet Max' button, you can place the highest possible bet. After selecting Bet Max, the reels will spin automatically.

The game gives you the option to personalize the settings, allowing you to change the sound level, the speed of the game and to use auto-play to take a break if needed.

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