Play Dolphin Cash Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

The Dolphin Cash pokies is a refreshing change up from all of the dark and morbid online casino games that we can some times feature at our lobby. If you are in the mood for some fresh air, bright sun and inviting waves, then this can quench that thirst for you fast.

Play Dolphin Cash Online Pokies

Our Dolphin Cash pokies get points for being fun and friendly at the same time! Who doesn’t love some adorable aquatic action from some of the smartest creatures in the sea? Now is your chance to play along side these beautiful mammals and earn some easy money in the process. Start playing, and you’ll quickly catch on. The goal of these pokies online games is to line up three of the same symbols connected to each other by the predetermined paylines. For more information on these paylines, see the information section at the bottom of the screen.

Dolphin Cash Pokies Shifting Wild & Xtra Win Features

There are various symbols that will appear on the screen to help you do this. You’ll find seagulls and seashells, colourful marine plants and, of course, the dolphin wild symbol as well. Two unique features that you will enjoy are the Shifting wild and the Xtra win plays. We’ll explain them both currently:

  • To begin with, a shifting wild will only show up on the fifth reel. When it does, you will have him on board for the next four spins. Each spin, the dolphin will move from one reel to the next, going in a leftward direction. Once he has reached the end, he’ll swim off stage, but your earnings will stay put!
  • The Xtra win feature is a side bet that you can activate by click on the button at the top of the screen. When you opt for this wager, you are buying into a double whammy of wild action. When a wild appears on the fifth reel, it will multiply, expanding up or down respectively.

Dolphin Cash Pokies Dolphin Cash Bonus Round

In addition to these exciting features, you can also enjoy the Dolphin Cash bonus round. When the bonus moon rises on the last and the first reels together, you’ll be transported to another screen. Here, you’ll see the friendly dolphin diving for coins. Click on the Jump button to get things moving. The more coins you grab, the higher your haul will be at the end of the feature. A friendly seagull can help out by snatching coins and depositing them to your total as well. Come enjoy nature from the comfort of your chair when you play at casino online Mansion Casino Australia today!