Play Dragon Kingdom Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Step inside a magical realm where potions conjure up spells and islands float on the crest of rainbows. Join the team of enchanted hunters who are on a quest in the Dragon Kingdom Pokies. Become enwrapped by the magic, the wonder and the excitement that shroud this online casino Mansion Casino classic, and, if nothing else, be amazed.

Dragon Kingdom Pokies Paint a Picture

Dragon Kingdom Pokies is a beautiful tapestry of storyline and colours that creates the kind of imagery and atmosphere that total engulfs you while you play. This version sets the tone for you like no other casino games online can do. The experience begins with a picture of the various characters and images you’ll see throughout the rounds. Then you move forward to the actual board. This is a burnt orange and crimson red medley of a sun setting in a valley between two hills. All of the screen elements are a golden, bronze shade that complements the scenery well.

Once you start playing, you will see even more supporting images like the colourful bottles of potion that line up for winning prizes or the dragon hunters with wild hair and passionate eyes. There are several unique symbols in the Dragon Kingdom Pokies as well. The dragon, a sea blue, green creature from the depths of the Netherworlds, is the wild symbol, and he will reward you handsomely for his efforts. A wild can complete any set or add to a complete set for greater winnings, saving the scatter or split symbols. Six wilds will earn you a staggering 25000 points as well.

Dragon Kingdom Pokies Scatter & Dragon Split Features

The floating mystical island is the scatter symbol, and three of these opens up 15 gratis spins. During these rounds, you’ll receive dynamic multipliers, and these will keep increasing in value every time you win until you have a multiplier of five times your winning amount. This has amazing potential for cashing out. Every time you win, your score is automatically multiplied by whatever the number of multiplier you are currently holding. Careful not to let a round go by without a win or your multiplier value will start slipping.

The most exciting feature of all for these online pokies games, though, has got to be the Dragon Split feature. When this icon appears on the fifth reel, you will see the last image of any winning combination split into two icons. That creates a larger winning combination, and it also opens up the field for the possibility of creating combinations that are six icons long. Those are some tremendous earnings to consider!