Play Everybody’s Jackpot Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

If you feel down and out because you haven’t won any major jackpots in awhile, then you are going to like what you are about to hear. If you feel like the progressive games are rigged and that nobody ever really wins those large kitties that are constantly climbing through a ticker on the screen before your eyes, then our Everybody's Jackpot Pokies are here to tell you differently! You see, not only is it possible to win these pools, but when you play pokies online with us, you are guaranteed to get your fair share of the earnings. Interested in this kind of arrangement? Then read on to find out how you can take advantage of the great odds that come along with this next edition casino online.

Play Everybody’s Jackpot Online Pokies

Everybody’s Jackpot Pokies Details

It’s true, so many salesman have used the phrase “This one is different” that it is almost a guaranteed flop the minute you say it, so we won’t even bother. Once you start to play Everybody's Jackpot Pokies, though, you’ll quickly understand how this version cuts away from the other options that you’ll find at all of the many and varied casinos online. Let’s describe how it works, and we’ll see what you have to say at the end of it all. A three by three grid is used during these rounds, and you can open and close the amount of lines you want to use during each one.

Winning the Jackpot in Everybody’s Jackpot Pokies

The progressive jackpot is a randomly triggered cash flow. If you manage to hit it, then you’ll win a 70% of the entire sum (which is a big amount, make no mistake). The beauty of the Everybody's Jackpot Pokies is that, even if you don’t trigger the jackpot, though, you’ll still be able to collect! You see, the other 30% of the kitty is divided up by the rest of the players who have been playing this game within the last 24 hours. That means you get a slice of the pie even if you aren’t around to see the jackpot exploding! You don’t even have to be signed in to win. You will be notified immediately, and the next time you log into your account, you can claim your prize on the spot.

Everybody's Jackpot Pokies even has more to offer so don’t waste another minute. Who would have thought that you could actually make a killing when you play casino games online? Get in here, and dip your hand into the pot fast!