Play Football Fans Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

The Football Fans Pokies are wildly entertaining, and that is true even if you aren’t a follower of the sport. There is just something amusing about all of the colours, the flavour and the enthusiasm that is poured into this lively round of gambling fun! It’s a great mix of all the best casino online elements you could hope for, so grab a snack and settle in for some good old, sporting fun now.

Play Football Fans Online Pokies

Football Fans Pokies Colour Scheme

We said the Football Fans Pokies are full of colour, and we meant it. What we didn’t mention was the fact that you can actually customize those colours to your liking. If you have a particular team that you route for frequently, then you can select that country from the list at the top of the screen. Several of the screen elements will then change to those colours, showing your true patriotism for your team!

Football Fans Pokies – Grab a Beer & Enjoy The Bonus Features

Now it’s time to play the Football Fans Pokies. Make a wager on the amount of paylines you wish to incorporate into your rounds. This is a flexible combination, as there are twenty paylines and a huge range of betting options. Whatever you chose, you can now select the spin button to move the icons around on the board. alternatively, you can use the auto play function that allows you to flit through a number of spins consecutively. You won’t have to place a new wager or choose the amount of paylines you want after each round; it will just remember your previous choices and play accordingly.

Pay attention to the paychart, as this will tell you the value of each symbol and which icons you want to keep an eye out for in particular. The two groups of enthusiasts are the standard images, along with other gaming paraphernalia. Then there is the cup of beer that holds a different sort of prize. At the beginning of each round, you can put the beer ring on any spot. If that spot actually finds a beer on top of it, then you’ll get three times your total bet for that round. Freebies make all casino games even better! Five wild symbols will score you a 5000-coin payout, and even one will help get you some major points. Finally, get the Football Fans Pokies logo three times for ten free spins that combine with random wilds for a truly wild and crazy day at the stadium.

When you play these online pokies at Mansion Casino, you are guaranteeing yourself a good time, so hurry in, and treat yourself to some fun!