Forest Of Wonders Pokies

Play Forest of Wonders Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

At Mansion Casino, the time has come to talk of many things. Of cards and slots and roulette wheels, of jacks and queens and kings. Those may not be the words you remember, but there’s no question that reminded you of the favourite children’s story, Alice in Wonderland, which is the theme used in this incredible example of online pokies genius, Forest of Wonders.

Play Forest of Wonders Online Pokies

Which Characters Will You See In The Forest of Wonders

It’s impossible to talk about this fantastical world without remembering each of the individual characters because they are all such spectacular characters. The Mad Hatter, the cryptic caterpillar, the elusive white rabbit, the grinning Cheshire cat and many more remind you of the silly antics they got up to in the original story and really turn this game into a Forest of Wonders.

Now that we know some of the players on the reels, let’s find out which ones are more exciting than others. For starters, the Dormouse (you might remember him hiding in teacups or covered in jelly) is the wild symbol, which means that he can help you with winning combination by taking the place of all other symbols on the line, outside of the bonus and scatter. Not only that, but get five of him on a spin and you will win the massive 5,000 coin jackpot! Not so little now, eh? The scatter symbol, if you haven’t already guessed, is the white rabbit. And, like Alice, you will be chasing him down in this game because if you get at least three of him on the reels after a spin, you will get more free spins

The Forest of Wonders Bonus Round

While making your way through the magical Forest of Wonders, you may have noticed some mushrooms growing wild. If you just happen to come across three of these or more on the reels at the same time, you’ll gain entrance to the bonus round. In this bonus round you will then get to choose three out of the 12 mushrooms on display and you get to keep whatever cash prizes the chosen mushrooms contain.

While there are great cash prizes available for winners playing with real money accounts, sometimes the abundance of characters and paylines can make things a bit overwhelming when you’re starting out. That’s why, at the best Australian casino online, you can play all games for free as well, because we want you to have fun and make money, all at the same time.