Play Fortune Hill Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

All casino games have a theme, and this one is definitely magic! You’ll see plenty of the trappings for a magical delight on these reels and then some, so come along for an enchanting trip to the other side of the rainbow when you play our Fortune Hill Pokies today.

Play Fortune Hill Online Pokies

Fortune Hill Pokies Magic Wheel

Fortune Hill Pokies have plenty of wonder to go around. The magic wheel is always filled with surprises, and you never know what you are going to get. Keep your fingers crossed for fun freebies like two, three or four times multipliers, bags of gold or a magical wand. When the wheel spins, it might just land on your lucky treat! So how do you set the wheel in motion? Well, that’s the best part; it happens automatically! With every spin of the reels, your Fortune Hill Pokies wheel will spin as well. That doesn’t mean you’ll win every single time, but you have really great odds that you’ll win something most of the time when you play these pokies online at Mansion Casino.

Fortune Hill Pokies Symbols

It doesn’t pay to be a bad guy in the magical land of Fortune Hill Pokies, that’s for sure. The green troll is one of the lowest paying symbols of all, outranking only the pocket watch and the royal suite. The magic fairy, on the other hand, has a pleasant reward for you, and the heroic elf has even more. The specialty symbols are enough to make you retire to this quaint little magical village. The wizard is the wild symbol, and he will also reward you handsomely with 5000 coins if you manage five of him at once. The scatter symbol needs to appear on the first, third and fifth reels to do you much good, but when it does, you are sure to be pleased. You will be granted the Rainbow Free Games feature, and that means major cash prizes for you. Start out this adventure with eight freebies, but there are plenty of opportunities to increase that number.

Fortune Hill Pokies Mushroom Bonus

Last but certainly not least, the bonus round is conjured up by a trio of mushrooms. Step lightly on this round because you’ll be playing it out right under the nose of the sleeping troll! See if you can get to some of those magical mushrooms to collect your prizes without waking the terrible ogre. Fortune Hill Pokies promise you excitement, entertainment and plenty of fun for everyone. So do yourself a favour, and log onto the best online casino there ever was now to start your own adventure!