Play Fountain of Youth Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

What is it that almost every adult wants, but can’t have? To be younger, again. Not to worry about worry lines, wrinkles, creaking bones, bad backs; really, the list could go on forever. But to be able to enjoy the fun and carefree life they remember from their youth (you know, because memories are much more forgiving than reality). Ponce de Leon may have hoped to find it in his wanderings, but he, like so many others was unable to locate the mysterious (and many say, mythical) spring that could restore his and others’ youth. Instead, he happened across Florida, but that’s really not where we meant to go with this. Since to this day no one has been able to find the legendary Fountain of Youth, it is up to us to recreate it, even just conceptually, for your enjoyment.

Play Fountain of Youth Online Pokies

Fountain of Youth Winning Spins

In this more simplistic three reel and three payline pokies online game, Fountain of Youth, offered here at our Australian casino online, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve reviewed the paytable, so that you know what your spins are worth. See, when you’re playing a more straightforward game it can go one of two ways. Either you’re playing it because it’s more casual and therefore you feel you don’t have to concentrate as much. Or you’re going in the exact opposite direction and using it for serious play because it doesn’t have too many extra frills and add-ons, like scatters or wilds, distracting you. Either way, it’s always a good idea to get things started in our free play mode so that you get a hang of the game before you start betting and spinning for real money. Whichever option you prefer, though, is open to you and switching from one to another is also a simple feat.

Seeing as how there are no special symbols, it’s definitely important that you know which symbols are available and how they rank in terms of winning. To start with, the absolute best paying symbol is the fountain itself, and three of them on one payline will net you a whopping 800 coins on a max bet. That’s right – how much you bet makes a difference to the end payouts, so keep that in mind as well. Other winning combinations include three butterflies, three bluebirds, three frogs and so on.

Fountain of Youth At Mansion Casino Australia

With stunning graphics and soothing sound effects, this Playtech original, Fountain of Youth, is just one more reason to keep coming back to your favourite Australian online casino to spin the reels, again and again.