From Russia With Love Pokies

Play From Russia With Love Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Aussie players who want to play unique multi line video slots such as Pink Panther, The Discovery, and From Russia with Love simply have to join Mansion Casino Australia, one of the best online casinos for Australian players. These pokies online are available for fun/real money.

Play From Russia With Love Online Pokies

Introduction to From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love has nothing to do with James Bond; instead, it is a simple Russia-themed slot with typical Russian symbols.

The slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines and is packed with attractive features.

How to Play

This slot is played just like any other multiline video slot. Here are the rules:

  • Place a bet by choosing a coin value.
  • Activate the desired number of paylines.
  • Hit Spin to start the game.
  • Winning combinations will be paid according to the game’s payout structure.

Players can bet a maximum of 10 coins per line.

Wild Symbol

The wild Onion symbol can create winning combinations by substituting for other symbols across the reels.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol pays irrespective of its position across the reels.

Bonus Symbol

The simultaneous appearance of Matryoshka bonus symbols on the first and fifth reels gives players 4x their bet amounts and triggers the Matryoshka Bonus Game, a pick and choose type of game with free spins and multipliers.

The appearance of bonus symbols during free spins triggers an extra 15 free spins for the Aussie player.

Playing From Russia with Love at Mansion Casino Australia

Playing this video slot at casino online Mansion Casino Australia is great fun because it comes packed with features enabling players to customize their gaming experience, use shortcut keys, chat, view gaming history, and so on.

Australian players only need to register a real play account to get started.