Play Funky Monkey Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

With three reels and only one single payline to this online pokies game, there’s not much room for talking around things. Bottom line, there’s a Funky Monkey with cool purple shades, in a happening 70’s getup who’s rocking a bongo. If any of that sounded a bit odd to you, then it might be too early in the day for you to be trying this game out. But come back after dark, with a drink in hand (and a bottle for refills at the ready) and an open mind, and this game could be your ticket to spinning in style.

Play Funky Monkey Online Pokies

Funky Monkey Betting

The betting options in Funky Monkey have a vast range, starting at one penny per credit and over 1,000 times more than that, if you’re feeling kind of lucky. Then you choose if you want to bet one, bet two or bet max (meaning the coin amount, twice that amount or three times that amount). And while it may be a larger bet initially, upon reviewing the paytable you’ll notice that it has a significant impact on the payout per winning combination. For example, if you were to spin three bangin’ bongo drums with a max bet, you would have won the top jackpot prize of 2,500 credits. If, however, you had only bet two, the prize would have gone down to 1,600 credits and with only one, the prize would be 800 credits. And, while the lowest prize is still very respectable, if you ended up with the 800 credits, you’d be smacking yourself for not having chosen to bet more (that is, if you’re still paying close attention to the game). There’s the same thing to keep in mind when it comes to any of the winning combinations ranging from payouts worth 10 to 1,200 credits for bars, bananas, glasses and you name it.

Funky Monkey At Mansion Casino Australia

Funky Monkey is the type of game you want to play when you’re super relaxed (maybe too much so, if you get our drift) and just looking for some spinning reels to stare at while the cash keeps adding up. Because when you’re at the best Australian online casino available, Mansion Casino, we want to make sure that you continue to always get your spin and your groove on.