Geisha Story Pokies

Play Geisha Story Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

While the demure Japanese hostess might not be your typical model for an pokies online game theme, Geisha Story is presented very tastefully with artful graphics and topic appropriate symbols, for a slightly more sophisticated player, looking for more than just a loud and flashy good time.

Play Geisha Story Online Pokies

Special Geisha Story Symbols

With Geisha Story being offered at our Australian casino online, it offers our customers, both new and returning, a taste of something different. Many times the games to be played are chosen by the flashing lights, bold colours, loud noises and what some might call, more garish themes, but we’ve chosen to add this game to our repertoire giving a softer and more elegant option to the slots player who, rather than a scotch on the rocks, would prefer to enjoy the game while nursing a cup of hot, herbal tea. And, of course, chances are this same customer would have a coaster on the table (never the arm of the chair), for when they set the cup down.

Back to the game at hand, though. Following the theme, Geisha Story presents symbols the likes of lotus flowers, wooden slippers, traditional tea sets, koi carp and more. One of the main symbols you want to keep an eye out for is the wild symbol, which in this case is portrayed as a young, Japanese male suitor. And, while he can take over for other symbols to help you with a winning set, he can’t take the place of the scatter (the Japanese Master) or the bonus (the hostess, herself) symbols. If, however, you get five of him at once, you will be taking home a huge jackpot prize! Aside from the wild, the Japanese Master landing on the reels at least three times will bring you additional winnings and if the Geisha ends up on the first and last reel at the same time, you will have access to a phenomenal bonus round where you can win even more free spins and multipliers. But, remember, enjoy these wins gracefully in the spirit of this game.

The Dollar Ball Jackpot In Geisha Story

If the previously described winning opportunities were not enough for you from Mansion Casino Australia, then we are happy to offer you another great feature of this game available when playing with a real money account. With the Dollar Ball Jackpot winnings increasing for you as the more numbers match between your choices and the games pickings, the winnings are almost endless.