Play Ghosts of Christmas Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Ebenezer Scrooge was not a pleasant man to work for, live near or be related to, but in this new edition, he is finding out what life would be like without him, and that’s enough o make any man turn over a new leaf! Join the fun and festivities when you play the Ghosts of Christmas Pokies from casino online Mansion Casino Australia now. Get into the holiday spirit, and win some cash of your own. Who knows, maybe there will be something really exciting hanging in your stocking this year after all!

Play Ghosts of Christmas Online Pokies

Ghosts of Christmas Pokies Icons & Symbols

Most of our online casino games come fully decorated for the occasion, and the Ghosts of Christmas Pokies are no different. This one is set in a room at Ebenezer’s home, with a nervous Scrooge sitting by the clock waiting for the twelfth hour to strike. The reels are filled with all of the characters from this wise tale like the three ghosts that come to visit Scrooge or Tiny Tim. There are specialty symbols that really add character to the rounds as well. Find his faithful and sole companion in life, Marley as the scatter symbol. Three of the shackled figures will reward you with 15 gratis spins and triple winnings. As we mentioned before, the clock plays an ominous role in the whole tale. During the Ghosts of Christmas Pokies, though, it has a much lighter part to play. It is the bonus symbol, and three or more of them will bring you to the Ghost of Christmas bonus round.

Playing the Bonus Round in The Ghosts of Christmas Pokies

Get ten free spins with Marley, and each time three appear, ten more games will be added to your total. Scrooge himself is the wild symbol, and he’s being most uncharacteristically generous for these rounds. He’ll help you to create better and more profitable matches, and the best part is yet to come. If you get five Scrooges on one screen, you’ll be awarded 10000 coins! The bonus is really exciting. You’ll get a chance to play one of the three bonus rounds; either Christmas Past, Christmas Present or Christmas Future. Each scene will play out as a group of icons that you will need to choose from to collect your prize. The number of clocks that were used to trigger the bonus round will determine how many picks you get to take from the items on the screen. Want to paly right now? Well, now you can enjoy all of our pokies online games whenever you want, so don’t settle for anything less!